Central Bank of Kenya Requests for Designs for the New Kenyan Currency

The Central Bank of Kenya wishes to draw the attention of the public to Article 231 (4) of the New Constitution on the production and issuance of Kenyan currency notes and coins.

The Article provides as follows:

Notes and Coins issued by the Central Bank of Kenya may bear images that depict or symbolize an aspect of Kenya but shall not bear the portrait of an individual

Section 22 (1) of the Central Bank of Kenya Act also provides as follows on the issuance of currency notes and coins:

The Bank shall have the sole right to issue notes and coins in Kenya and, subject to subsection (3), only those notes and coins shall be legal tender in Kenya”.

In exercise of powers conferred by the law as stated above, the Central Bank of Kenya has embarked on the process of designing a new generation of Kenyan currency bank notes and coins that comply with the Constitution.

Accordingly, the Central Bank hereby invites individuals, institutions, organizations, and professional bodies to present, in writing, proposals on elements/features to be considered for incorporation in the design of the proposed new Kenyan currency banknotes and coins.

For general information, the current family of currency banknotes and coins in circulation bear portraits of individuals at the front while the back of the banknotes bear different features for each denomination. The back of the coins bear the Kenyan Coat of Arms.

In the design process of the new currency, the Central bank of Kenya considers the following as guiding themes:

  • ‘Kenya Reborn’ - to reflect the spirit of the new constitution
  • ‘Kenya Prosperity’ - to reflect Kenya development goals as outlined in Vision 2030
The design concepts should also take into account the following broad factors while remaining faithful to the general guidance provided in the stated themes:
  • Dominant physical features that reflect any aspect of Kenya but consistent with requirements of the Constitution;
  • Key aspects in Agriculture, Technology, Sports, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Tourism, and Environment;
  • The nation’s natural treasures, culture and heritage;
  • Common dominant features/wildlife;
  • Flora and fauna unique to Kenya;
  • Preferred colour schemes for each banknote
  • Preferred sizes for both banknotes and coins
The design elements submitted must be unique to Kenya, attractive, socially acceptable and culturally relevant while creating harmony among Kenyans.

The Central Bank considers citizens’ views and input in the design process to be a fundamental constitutional right and therefore highly encourages public participation in this important exercise.

The public is also reminded that the current family of currency shall continue to concurrently circulate along with the new design currency, once commissioned and released into circulation, as provided for under the Sixth Schedule (Article 262), Section 34 of the Constitution.

The deadline for the submission of design proposals is 13th April, 2012.

The proposals, or any clarifications should be addressed to:

Currency Operations & Branch Administration Department
Central Bank of Kenya
P.O Box 60000 -00200
Email: comms@centralbank.go.ke

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3 Responses to Central Bank of Kenya Requests for Designs for the New Kenyan Currency

Anonymous said...

could it be abstract kenya related,yaani something that shows the true meaning of kenya while onthe other hand shows the meaning of the world

Rovah Rowa. said...

wonderfull. Kenya has made significant steps that if we continue to work harder then vision 2030 wull just be a mere achievement.

Anonymous said...

If only this wount turn to be another scadal.for now is a wishful thinking let the cbk knw that hegue is not ful yet we are watching..iman