Prime Minister Raila Odinga Statement on the Forged UK Dossier

Forged UK Dossier

Prime Minister Raila Odinga appears to be the target of the so-called UK Government document introduced into Parliament on Thursday, March 8, 2012, and we call upon all progressive Kenyans of sincerity and good will to note the following:

1. The document is clearly a forgery, part of a smear campaign fabricated by the same political interests that earlier forged a letter purporting to be from Prof Anyang’ Nyong’o to the ICC.

2. The English language used in the document is not that of native English speakers and the plot of the document has no credibility, conveniently bringing in every minor local development, including recent developments and propaganda, in a manner totally alien to UK Government official procedures and communications.

3. President Kibaki’s name is included without any justification, as part of a naked plot to gain public sympathy. Kenyans watched ICC proceedings closely and President Kibaki was mentioned nowhere as a perpetrator. In addition, prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo has already stated that he has no evidence with which to charge President Kibaki.

4. To concoct such obvious lies and propaganda and expect them to be taken seriously is primitive.

5. Stooping so far as to use the so-called august (noble) House for such an obscene and reckless act exposes the gross lack of scruples defining some leaders. There are no depths to which they will not sink. Nothing is too low for them.

6. Let us never forget that more than 1,000 innocent lives were lost in the post-election violence of 2008. Investigations were conducted and the Waki Commission compiled a list of suspected perpetrators that was handed over in its entirety to the ICC. The ICC made its own investigations. Preliminary hearings at the ICC found that the four suspects have a case to answer. This decision was made on the basis of evidence. The charges against them are the result.

7. Crimes against humanity are worse than murder. Yet these suspects of crimes against humanity remain free to traverse the country holding ‘prayer meetings’ — while Kenyan suspects of the lesser crime of murder conduct their prayers only behind the forbidding walls of Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, often for years before their cases are heard.

8. The guilt or innocence of suspected perpetrators is proved through trial, where the facts of the case are examined. No one becomes innocent through public grandstanding and shouting from the rooftops "I am innocent". The suspects are not being tried by public opinion. The platform for these suspects to prove their innocence is the ICC. It is the platform they chose. In the meantime, they remain suspects in terrible crimes against Kenyans.

9. The people responsible for this forged document have defiled Parliament and shown their absolute disrespect for what Parliament and democratic representation means to the Kenyan people. The perpetrators have no regard for their job descriptions and no sense of their obligations to their constituents and to the nation as a whole.

10. The forged document is a clear act of desperation, and this attempt to commit fraud on the Kenyan people should be treated with the seriousness it deserves.

11. We call upon the media to guard against becoming - by reporting obvious falsehoods as if they were fact - co-conspirators in this despicable violation of Parliament’s solemn duty to the country.

MARCH 10, 2012.

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One Response to Prime Minister Raila Odinga Statement on the Forged UK Dossier

Anonymous said...

Its not wise 2 conclude that the documents are fake just because they favour some people. Thorough investigations should be done. We need good and sensible reasons to make us see they are fake!