Kenyans must embrace progressive leadership - George N Kimani

The country is now set for the next general election probably in March 2013. It will be the first general election under the new constitution.

It shall be imperative that Kenyans give chance to emergency of new brand of leaders and style of governance. This onus must be exercised in voting of leaders at all levels, from the counties representatives to the presidency

Kenyans must stamp their constitutional authority in determining the calibre of leadership they deserve. They must interrogate the aspirant’s integrity, moral values, and academic qualifications, past engagements, performance and competence.

Kenyans must discard traditional retrogressive considerations such as negative ethnicity,nepotism, regionalism, violence, materialism and general corrupt tendencies while electing their leaders. These vices have been a curse to the country and a major enemy to realization of a just, equitable and progressive society for all.

A golden opportunity to reject political manipulations, brinkmanship and conman ship by political brokers is in the hands of Kenyans. Wananchi must redefine the political destiny the country navigates to achieve cohesion, economic development, technological advancement and quality life for all.

Rejecting outdated leaders who have patronized the political arena courtesy of corruption, tribalism, nepotism and negative isms will be the turning for the rebirth of the nation. The existing clique of selfish elitist politicians must be dismantled and monopolization of political
power by a few shall be history.

It is imperative that Kenyans of all walks of lives take the time prior to the voting day to reflect soberly on the political events this country has witnessed. It would be worthy to recall regrettable political betrayals and injustices occasioned to Kenyans and vow never to have the same repeated.

Excommunication of leaders who have in the past used unorthodox means to earn power is not debatable. Leaders who court leadership riding on primitive considerations should be disowned.

Voters must discuss amongst themselves and realize that poverty, unemployment, denial of national opportunities, landlessness, disease, illiteracy, underdevelopment, infrastructure backwardness and other maladies have not spared them on the basis that their tribesmen have
been in power. Tribal chief’s leaders elevated to big offices on platform of negative isms benefits their kith and kin .They only run back to their cocoons when their interests are threatened or faced with extinction.

There is absolutely no sense to elect a governors, senators, and legislators etc who have no capacity to spearhead social economic development for betterment of lives of the citizens. Leadership must be rated on basis of achievements and development track record

I have not heard of anyone who inquired of the tribal, racial, financial muscle or such irrelevant attributes of founders or managers of vital public institutions as preconditions to seeking services thereat.The value of the services offered by such institutions overshadows any other partisan considerations.

One would be crazy to decline treatment at Kenyatta hospital on the basis that it came up during rule of a Kikuyu linguistic president. Moi University an idea of a Kalenjin speaking president continues to make positive contribution to many, irrespective of their affiliations. Russia Hospital in Kisumu a brain child of Jaramogi Oginga has rendered medical care to all irrespective of their tribes. Similarly Thika road is for all tribes irrespective of ethnic histories of the leaders who initiated and oversaw its construction

The celebrated Hire Purchase Act, CDF Act, Donde Bill etc were initiative of gallant former legislators JM Kariuki, Muriuki Karue and Joe Donde. The innovativeness and visionary leadership of these legislators dwarfs any partisan considerations or enquiries about their ethnicity or persuasions.

The bottom line is that Kenyans must demand service oriented leadership and not tribal chiefs or money baggers. Empty political rhetoric and panganga should be rubbished in the next elections. It will be backward to vote a presidential, gubernatorial, senate, parliamentary candidate etc on the basis of ethnic semblance.

In the final analysis Kenyans must embrace leaders who appreciate the country heritage and are committed to sustain it. This heritage revolves around our nation hood and the mistakes the nation has made with a view to correct the same. Kenyans must resolve to elect leaders who
sincerely talk of us instead of me, me and my people. They must be strong leaders of conviction, who will courageously talk of the mutual interests of the citizens.

The country has no shortage of men and women of honor to provide the much needed leadership. The media, religious institutions, interest groups and the general public must partner in identifying individuals who the country future shall rest. Constitutional demand for integrity
and the recent enacted Political Parties Act 2010 must be treated sacredly. Honest men and women must step forward and reclaim the public offices.

George N Kimani, the writer is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya-gkihingo @

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