Statement by the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) on Illegal Strike Called by the Aviation and Allied Workers Union

This is to inform all our esteemed customers and the general public that all Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) facilities are operating at full capacity and there has been no disruptions of any operations due to an illegal strike called by the Aviation and Allied Workers Union (AAWU).

Kindly note that the Industrial Court via an order dated 3rd April 2012 issued an injunction against the said strike by AAWU. It is important to note that the court has declared the alleged strike illegal and all employees and the union have been served with the court order.

KAA wishes to further state that it has positioned enough personnel at all the key facilities including security screening, fire services, ground flight safety, engineering and maintenance.

In addition to this, government security agencies who ordinarily operate at all our airports are supporting the various services.

All scheduled flights have taken off and landed on time. We do not foresee any disruption of operations in our airports. Moreover, a significant number of unionisable staff have reported to work despite intimidation by those taking part in the illegal strike.

KAA prides itself in being an employer of choice. The average entry level salary and emoluments for typical unionisable stall with a KCSE qualification of grade C without any additional academic and professional qualification is Ksh 63,000 broken down as follows:
  • Basic entry salary of KShs 33,000,
  • Housing allowance of KShs 17,000,
  • Meals and shift allowance KShs 13,000.
This is way above the average in both the private and public sector salaries for officers with the same qualifications.

In addition, employees enjoy the following benefits:
  • Free transportation to and from work,
  • Medical cover for self plus spouse and up to four children,
  • Out-patient cover of Ksh 75,000 and in-patient cover of Ksh 750,000.
  • Pension employer contribution 15% with employee contributing 7.5%.
  • Additional facilities include mortgage and car loans at subsidized rates of 6% interest rate.
KAA management and union have been engaged in the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations up to and including Tuesday 27th March 2012 with further meetings planned.

The management was therefore perturbed that the union walked out of the negotiations process and on Wednesday 28th of March 2012, issued a strike notice.

Managing Director
Kenya Airports Authority

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