Now or Never!

It is very disheartening to witness the cheap politics taking place in Kenya today.

Squabbling within the grand coalition government only brings to mind the picture of spoilt brats pushing and shoving each other in a play pen.

Is this really how this beautiful country ought to be run?

Indeed it is the epitome of idiocy to put new wine into old wineskin.

The current crop of politicians should be swept into the dustbin of political oblivion come the next general elections. The time has come for the Kenyan citizenry to take advantage of their might through the ballot.

No more should we dance to the tunes of shepherds who lead their flock to slaughter. They are only good at instigating hatred and intolerance, and then as we kill ourselves, they watch the unfolding events on big plasma screens while reclining on fine leather couches in the comforts of their sprawling lush leafy acres.

In addition they enjoy the pleasures of hearty laughter as they take laughs in their swimming pools yet our children do not have books in their schools.

Since independence, this once chaste, innocent and beautiful nation has been violated by cold blooded criminals who audaciously parade themselves as leadrs when in fact they do great injustice to the queen mother's language by assuming grand titles of honor and veneration, when in reality, they are the worst of the worst. The August house is nothing more than a den of thieves.

We thank God for the new constitution, however, we must take very keen note that the new Kenyan  republic is not yet born! It is still in labor! A miscarriage is still very possible.

This is explicitly evident from the selfish executive and legislature that seem to be on a silent guerrilla campaign to derail the full implementation of the new constitution whose seeds were laid by our fallen heroes who sacrifices their all for us.

The nationl coffers can no longer be piggy banks for politicians to loot and plunder at will in order to wet  their gluttonous appetites. A parent who dos not invest both time and finane in the growth and developement of their child will only have him/herself to blame for the plague they wrought. Only with good provision and guidance can one proud of their seeds.

Similarly, the neglect the leadership continues to give to the populace will only lead to continued discontentment and anarchy. The ruling class will only have themselves to blame. The french revolution of 1789 must never be forgotten. Push a man far enough to the edge and his response may shock you.

Douglas Juma 

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One Response to Now or Never!

Anonymous said...

well said and written. let us not allow those who have been in power since independence fool us that we can not make good leaders!! vijana mko wapi??? Just imagine a certain homeyard has been producing an MP since independence, does it mean that particular homeyard just gives birth to MPS and no other in that constituency.