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Voters’ list hits 9.1m as Kiambu leads pack

Voter registration has reached 9.1 million with the electoral commission urging voters to take advantage of yesterday’s public holiday and weekends to enlist for next year’s poll. 

The figures fall short of the targeted 18 million voters by 8.9 million which has prompted the intervention
of President Kibaki, Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka urging voters to register in large numbers.

Registration centres remained open as Kenya marked Jamhuri Day yesterday, with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) giving thumbs up to Kiambu County, whose turn-out had hit 74 per cent as per December 9.

“Have you registered? Registration ends on December 18, 2012. Registration centres remained open countrywide on Jamhuri Day,” IEBC said in an advertisement.

Other leading counties, whose registration IEBC hailed, included Lamu (71 per cent), Nairobi (68), Murang’a (67) and Nyeri (66).

Counties doing badly are Kwale (30 per cent), Turkana and Garissa (27), Wajir (25) and Mandera at 16 per cent. 

In Kiambu County, 560,177 people had registered out of a possible 756,774 voters. Lamu had registered 33,831 out of the targeted 47,338. Meanwhile, in Kitui and Mwingi towns, shopkeepers, restaurants and bar operators have joined hands in an ambitious initiative to mobilise residents to register as voters.

For instance, in some restaurants, one may not be served your favourite drink or meal unless you show proof of having registered as a voter. 

According to Kimanzi Musili, the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kitui branch secretary, customers are encouraged to take the voter registration seriously.

“We are simply taking responsibility as the business community to supplement civic education efforts by IEBC to achieve 100 per cent voter listing” Mr Musili said on the sidelines of Jamhuri Day celebrations at the Kitui Municipal Stadium.

-- Nation

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Oburu steps down for Orengo in Siaya senate race

Oburu Oginga has given up his quest for the Siaya County senator’s post.

This has paved the way for Lands Minister James Orengo to seek the Orange party’s ticket to vie for the

In a statement signed by 12 leaders from the county, Dr Oginga will now seek to vie for governor through

The two have been embroiled in a tussle over who should vie for senator, a move that had threatened
the party’s stability and grassroots support in the county.

Speaking at Orange House in Nairobi, the two said they had to come to an agreement for the sake of
the party and the country. “In the interest of peace, my honourable desire is neither here nor there.

This consensus is the best solution for this problem, my happiness notwithstanding,” Dr Oginga said.

He said he could serve as governor, given his wide skills and experience in managing public finances
and resources both before and during his 19-year tenure as MP for Bondo.

On his part, Mr Orengo said the decision was not meant to stir up celebrations for anyone since they
both realised they can offer much more service to the county and the country at large if they put aside their
differences and worked together.

“There are times when you may have individual ambitions, but if you value your party and your country
more, you have to put aside your differences and find the best solution,” he said.

However, he added that other politicians interested in vying for the two seats could still apply and face off
in the party nominations. 

Political differences between the two had stirred up emotions among party supporters and politicians
from the county, with the camps backing each of them openly clashing during party rallies.

The notable leader of the Orengo camp was Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo, whereas his Rarieda counterpart, Nicholas Gumbo, seemed to be leading the Oburu camp. 

Both Mr Midiwo and Mr Gumbo did not attend the press briefing.

-- Nation

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Karua turns down ODM invite to attend meeting

Narc Kenya Presidential aspirant Martha Karua yesterday turned down an invitation by Prime Minister Raila Odinga to attend the ODM National Delegates Conference saying she did not believe “in preelection coalitions”.

In an open letter sent to newsrooms to respond to the PM’s invitation, Ms Karua said the invitation letter had implied that Narc Kenya had already agreed to join the Coalition for Reform and Democracy (Cord), in which ODM is a founding member.

“For the avoidance of doubt, neither me nor the party I lead (Narc Kenya) are members of the said coalition. We do not believe in pre-election coalitions and as such are not seeking to become members. We therefore with respect decline your invitation,” she wrote.

Mr Odinga who is also the ODM leader and the one seeking endorsement by the party’s NDC for presidency had on Wednesday written to Ms Karua, inviting her to attend the event at the Kasarani sports Complex in Nairobi.

“It is my pleasure to invite you and other representatives of Narc Kenya to attend the National Delegates Convention of ODM scheduled to be held in Nairobi on Friday December 7, 2012,” the letter stated.

“Your presence at the event will contribute greatly in strengthening the partnership amongst the members of
the Coalition for Reform and Democracy.”

The Coalition for Reform and Democracy was founded on Tuesday this week when ODM, Wiper and Ford Kenya signed a pre-election pact. 

Other pacts formed include that between TNA and UDF and Kenya National Congress and Party of Action.

-- Nation

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Kenya Political Coalitions lodged with Registrar of Political Parties by COB Tuesday

These were the coalitions lodged with Registrar of Political Parties by COB Tuesday:

1. The National Alliance + Party of National Unity

2. United Republican Party + The National Alliance + United Democratic Forum Party

3. The National Alliance + Conservative Party

4. Wiper Democratic Party – Kenya + Orange Democratic Movement + FORD Kenya

5. Labour Party of Kenya + Mwangaza Party + Agano Party + New Democrats + Peoples Party of Kenya + Progressive Party of Kenya + National Labour Party

6. New Ford Kenya + National Vision Party + KADU Asili + Shirikisho Party of Kenya

7. Party of Action + Kenya National Congress

8. United Democratic Forum Party + Kenya African National Union


- TNA is in THREE different coalitions

- Musalia signed a deal with KANU

- Charity Ngilu's NARC is not part of Raila/ Kalonzo/ Wetangula alliance

Courtesy: Eric Latiff

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Kofi Annan Warns Kenya on anti-ICC Campaigns

The Panel of Eminent Persons has warned politicians against using the ICC cases as a campaign tool.

Speaking after a two-day visit  to Kenya, panel leader Kofi Annan said: “It would be a shame” if politicians turn the ICC cases into a referendum on pulling out or staying in the court.

“The issue is about post-election violence. The ICC is not against Kenya. It is not against any tribe, 
it is about individuals who have to defend themselves in court,” he said.

“Let us not forget the important gains Kenya has achieved through the reform agenda and its new Constitution. The leaders of tomorrow should be prepared to not only safeguard these gains but to advance them,” he said.

Kenya’s next president

Two of the four Kenyans charged with crimes against humanity at the ICC, Deputy Prime Minister 
Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto, are seeking to be the next President and deputy.
Mr Annan said Kenyans should “ponder certain questions before making decisions” on who to elect. He would not clarify the questions.

Mr Annan, who was in the country with another member of the panel, former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa, asked Kenyans to avoid a last-minute rush to register as voters. 

“Perhaps they are asking, what is the point? We say there is a point. They cannot sit back, not vote and 
complain later,” he said

-- Daily Nation

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Martha Karua on Pre-Election Coalitions

I hear and appreciate many of you who have wondered why I am not seeking a pre-election coalition with others in the Presidential race. 

The media hype around this issue of coalitions may lead one to think that there is only one way or the same way of doing things. 

Consider the leadership coalitions offer to the current Kenyan circumstances of strikes, insecurity and destablized livelihoods. Is this the leadership required to put our country on the right path? 

Our current circumstances call for firm, committed and proven leadership that can steer us to a more hopeful future whose path our constitution has laid out for us. That is the leadership I am offering to our beloved country. That is the leadership I choose to build alliances of like minded Kenyans on. 

My conviction and that of NARC Kenya is that seeking alliances for the sake of power brokering is far less inclusive than seeking an alliance with ALL Kenyans of like mind. 

 We remain relentless in the furtherance of this broad alliance of like minds which on March 4th, 2013, will be determined.

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Vincent Awuonda: HIV / AIDS The Rebellious Monster


You, you, you
You are a wonderful person
You are like no one
Here my voice
Here is the Monster
Here I say,
For warriors are scared too
For when it bites,
Silence becomes loneliness
Then you wonder always
‘What if’ and ‘if only’

This Monster that bites and kills
Leaving a new awareness of pain
This Monster came I heard
I then wondered with wonder eyes
It came to fight and consume all
Are you not fearful?
I cry for my Brothers
I cry for my Sisters and
Our parents are not spared too
We are caught in a web of hopelessness
By gone were the bright days
When we talked of the Monster
But it was no threat
But the how many Hospital beds own you
How many widows and widower are confused because of you?
How Many orphans curse you?
We are caught by the jaw of the powerful Monster
So come together for this war
Blame not each other
When you see this Part of reality
Pains and stains. 

By: Vincent O. Awuonda 
Poet, Story Teller and Actor

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Vincent Awuonda: HIV / AIDS Advice to the Kenyan Youths


As we mark the World AIDS Day and a long Holiday their after with many Teenagers having done their final Exams in different Education levels, I think it’s the best time to talk about HIV/AIDS.

Even though so many things have been said and reams written about HIV/AIDS but as a Poet, Story Teller and Actor which I use their power as a tool to educate and sensitize the Society about the happenings and to highlight the  life of the less fortunate members of the Society, I will not tire of warning everyone out there that HIV/AIDS is real and its wiping out many of us each and every blessed day. 

I appreciate the Nation’s Governors for their effort to fight and prevent HIV/AIDS and to help people gain knowledge of it. 

Knowledge is truly strength and if you know how it comes, how it spreads and how it can be prevented then you can make a good decision about your own lifestyle and you can avoid certain dangers and risks.

If the Health Professionals wish to make more impact on the STD and HIV pandemic which is sweeping the World then they should aim Teenagers because they are much at risk for these Diseases, though they cannot prescribe how they should live or behave but they can empower teens by hinting at the pitfalls they may encounter and by signposting a safe and healthy pathway through the road to adulthood because this is the time they are developing their personality, their dreams, their personal view of the world and their answer to the riddle of the meaning of life.

HIV/AIDS is sweeping the world with a sadistic dash and there will be no tomorrow unless we do something about it. Although we ought to abstain but many of us find it nearly impossible, I repeat what others have said “young people who are not married should abstain or protect themselves during the sexual intercourse if they must do it and those who are married should be faithful and that way the World will be a better place to live in.

As you take one day at a time enjoying December holiday always remember that HIV/AIDS is real and be careful with the steps you make.

I further wish you a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

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Imanyara picks ODM for his senator bid

Imenti Central MP Gitobu Imanyara yesterday said he would vie for Meru senate seat on an ODM ticket.

Mr Imanyara said the party and its leader Raila Odinga had a “concrete” agenda for the Meru and Kenyans at large.

Speaking in Meru town during a meeting with opinion leaders from the county, Mr Imanyara said other presidential aspirants had not clearly stated their agenda for the Meru.

He pledged a development authority for the miraa farmers if he wins the poll.

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