Kofi Annan Warns Kenya on anti-ICC Campaigns

The Panel of Eminent Persons has warned politicians against using the ICC cases as a campaign tool.

Speaking after a two-day visit  to Kenya, panel leader Kofi Annan said: “It would be a shame” if politicians turn the ICC cases into a referendum on pulling out or staying in the court.

“The issue is about post-election violence. The ICC is not against Kenya. It is not against any tribe, 
it is about individuals who have to defend themselves in court,” he said.

“Let us not forget the important gains Kenya has achieved through the reform agenda and its new Constitution. The leaders of tomorrow should be prepared to not only safeguard these gains but to advance them,” he said.

Kenya’s next president

Two of the four Kenyans charged with crimes against humanity at the ICC, Deputy Prime Minister 
Uhuru Kenyatta and Eldoret North MP William Ruto, are seeking to be the next President and deputy.
Mr Annan said Kenyans should “ponder certain questions before making decisions” on who to elect. He would not clarify the questions.

Mr Annan, who was in the country with another member of the panel, former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa, asked Kenyans to avoid a last-minute rush to register as voters. 

“Perhaps they are asking, what is the point? We say there is a point. They cannot sit back, not vote and 
complain later,” he said

-- Daily Nation

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