Martha Karua on Pre-Election Coalitions

I hear and appreciate many of you who have wondered why I am not seeking a pre-election coalition with others in the Presidential race. 

The media hype around this issue of coalitions may lead one to think that there is only one way or the same way of doing things. 

Consider the leadership coalitions offer to the current Kenyan circumstances of strikes, insecurity and destablized livelihoods. Is this the leadership required to put our country on the right path? 

Our current circumstances call for firm, committed and proven leadership that can steer us to a more hopeful future whose path our constitution has laid out for us. That is the leadership I am offering to our beloved country. That is the leadership I choose to build alliances of like minded Kenyans on. 

My conviction and that of NARC Kenya is that seeking alliances for the sake of power brokering is far less inclusive than seeking an alliance with ALL Kenyans of like mind. 

 We remain relentless in the furtherance of this broad alliance of like minds which on March 4th, 2013, will be determined.

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