TNA Mike Sonko, Ferdinand Waititu and Rachel Shebesh team up in bid for Nairobi County seats

TNA’s Ferdinand Waititu, Mike Sonko and Rachel Shebesh have combined forces and launched a united campaign for the Nairobi governor, senator and women’s representative seats. 

The three, who have won their party nominations, have been criss-crossing the city and outlining their plans as a team. 

When Ms Shebesh joined TNA in September last year, Mr Sonko said she would help them strategise on how to popularise the party in Nairobi. “She is an asset to the party, and some of us who were close to her when she was in ODM have worked hard to bring her on board. 

Now TNA is becoming stronger,” he said. The former nominated MP ditched Prime Minister Raila Odinga ODM for Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta’s party. She had hitherto been a vocal supporter of Mr Odinga. 

On their billboards across the city, the three aspirants, who have dubbed themselves the people’s servants, have gone a step further and given themselves nicknames they hope will resonate with the electorate. 

Mr Waititu is “Baba Yao”, Mr Sonko is “A Man of the People”, while Ms Shebesh is “Manzi wa Naii”. Courtesy: Nation

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