Next Technologies Clarification on Results Transmission System System used by IEBC

We wish to clarify that the Result Transmission System (RTS) that is currently in use by IEBC for the 2013 General elections has not been provided by Next Technologies as alleged by the Daily Nation at Page 6 of its edition of March 6th 2013 .

The Results Transmission systems that is developed by Next Technologies was used by the IEBC in the the 2010 referendum and all by-elections held thereafter. 

The last such by elections to use the Results Transmission Systems provided by Next Technologies were the by elections held for Kangema Constituency, Ndhiwa Constituency and Kajiado Constituency. These by elections were held in September 2012.

With respect to the Results Transmission System in use for Elections 2013, Next technologies was only sub-contracted to provide Logistical support in the field and to send reports on the challenges faced. It did not therefore provide the system in use as alleged in the Daily Nation or at all.

Next Technologies Limited

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