Githongo spills more beans.

The Kenya anti graft czar John Githongo now self-exiled in the UK released more damning recordings against Kibaki’s government compromising war on corruption. Less than a week after David Mwiraria, former finance minister, VP moody Awori and former justice minister Kiraitu Murungi were cleared of anglo leasing cover up charges by the Kenya anti corruption commission and attorney general.

This will put the government’s plan of cleaning up its loyalists on its tracks as the anglo leasing corruption scam come to haunt them again.

The new tape release has Mwiraria cautioning Githongo on following up the anglo leasing saga as its expose’ could have brought ‘our government down’. Mwiraria also asserts that he had briefed the ‘H.E’ (His Excellency) over the matter confirming Kibaki knew of the scam and kept quiet. This will disparage the government image and will definitely affect the kibaki reelection strategy. Why didn’t Kibaki act on the information he had about anglo leasing?

This pours cold water on the attempt by AG Amos Wako yesterday when he said that the said culprits were only cleared from allegations of cover up according to Githongo since his recordings were unintelligible and lacked context. Githongo could have more on this saga awaiting opportune moment to unleash it. Could he have recorded the president too? It will be interesting to hear these politicians get busted. Definitely he is a gem to the opposition (ODM-K) and they are taunting him that he will get a secretary to the cabinet and head of civil service PS in an ODM dispensation.

What if Kenya had five more Githongos? Wouldn't we be a better society?

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2 Responses to Githongo spills more beans.

Anonymous said...

if kenya had 5 more githongo's we would be a police state. people running around with hidden tape recorders - i dont know

politiko said...

Anon, don't you think that's exactly what we need in Kenya. If wananchi had the thought of been tape recorded, we will keep all our deals straight. We will stand by our words.

After KRA's taxmen started being busted when taking bribes, the institution has become cleaner.

The next PS of governance and ethics will have an easier time following grand corruption. Top government officials will be more cooperative thanks to Githongo. No wonder there has been no replacement.