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Kenya's New Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Proposed Selection Panel

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Act, 2011

In the Matter of the Approval, by the National Assembly, of the Persons Nominated to
Serve as Members of the Selection Panel Section 1(1), (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) of the First Schedule to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Act, 2011


The following persons have been nominated to serve on the Selection Panel in terms of section 1(1) and (2) of the First Schedule to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Act, 2011-

1. Nominations made by His Excellency, the President

  • Prof. Marion Wanjiku Mutugi
  • Ambassador Mwanyengela Ngali.
2. Nominations made by the Rt. Honourable Prime Minister
  • Dr. Ekout Ekuru
  • Ms. Rosa Akinyi Buyu.
3. Nominations made by the Judicial Service Commission
  • Hon. Mr. Justice Isaac Lenaola
  • Hon. Ms. Emily Ominde.
4. Nominations made by the Kenya Anti-Corruption Advisory Board
  • Ms. Irene Cheptoo Keino
  • Mr. Charles Kariuki Wambugu.
5. Nominations made by the Association of Professional Societies in East Africa
  • Dr. William Okello Ogara
  • Ms. Sophie Njeri Moturi.
Following the receipt of the nominations, the Honourable Speaker, on 20th July 2011, committed the names of the nominees to the Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee for consideration prior to approval by the National Assembly.

The Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee now invites interested members of the public to submit any representations that they may have on the suitability or otherwise of the nominees for appointment to the Selection Panel.

The representations may be forwarded to the

Clerk of the National Assembly,
P.O. Box 41842-00100,

hand-delivered to the Office of the Clerk, Main Parliament Buildings, Nairobi;

or emailed to; to be received on or before Monday 25th July 2011.


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