NARC-K reacts well to reform demo calls and more..

NARC-K has managed to save its skin to fight another day by dispelling the perception that they are against minimum reforms. This happened after the opposition announced mass demonstration plans to push for minimum reforms. NARC-K rotational chairman, Mukhisa Kituyi said NARC-K is open to dialogue on constitutional reforms and the other side should get to the negotiating table instead of the streets.

We await to see how tactical this is and whether it will quell and avert a government image crisis as Martha Karua did in August 2006, the last time there was push for minimum reforms. The ball is now in ODM-K court. NARC-K at heart do not want any kind of minimum reforms, a position hardened when the referendum did not go the government's way. ODM-K may not be sincere either and may be pushing for minimum reforms to sell themselves as reformists and paint the government as anti-reformist.

ODM-K decided to merge all its constituent parties (mainly LDP and Kanu) branches all over the country as NARC-K unveiled its constitution yesterday. Significantly, NARC-K current MPs and parliamentary aspirants are barred from holding branch positions in the coming NARC-K elections and can only contest national positions. The party leader will be the party's presidential candidate.

ODM-K 2,000 constituency delegates has been rumoured to have loopholes that have left leading luminaries uncomfortable in the system on top of a possible infiltration of the delegates with NARC-K bananas. More on this later. But if followed it may end up with a Ruto-Uhuru/Uhuru-Ruto candidature! There is a new push to have ODM-K candidate determined via a consensus of the six leading luminaries.

Mwiraria played his cards well by his 'no comment' answer to the media regarding Githongo tapes as Kiraitu remained tight-lipped. He managed to calm escalation of his Anglo Leasing borne problems -at least for now- unlike Bishop Wanjiru who brushed the media the wrong way. The media does make and break the high and mighty. Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission dismissed Githongo's tape as nothing new since they had it and was lumped among those those that cannot stand the test of a trial.

Nairobi could be headed for well-lit nights with the city council 60M plans to rehabilitate Nairobi traffic lights and street lights.

Kibaki's government has a development ally in Italy after Italy gave 5.4Bn in development aid and cancelled a huge portion of Kenya's debt. The 5Bn will be used in improving the education and health sectors.

CFC Bank is in merger talks with Stanbic Bank Kenya Ltd owned by Standard Bank of South Africa. The transaction once approved will make The Standard Bank Group of South Africa a majority shareholder at CFC Bank. The financial value of CFC will be based on NSE prices at the stock exchange over a 30-day trading period up to and including 18 January 2007.

Equity Bank has launched an Internet banking product targeting the Kenyans in the Diaspora. For an online demo go to

The new entrant to Westands parliamentary seat is Lawyer Aurellio Rebello pitting him against his former client pastor Kamlesh Pattni, current MP Fred Gumo and a possible re-entry of Betty Tett on a NARC-K ticket.

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