Election war councils: Kalonzo Musyoka

Kalonzo Musyoka has assembled a battalion consisting of soldiers inherited from the think tank of retired president Moi and cabinet minister Charity Ngilu.

Among the big names that Kalonzo has inherited from Moi are Brigadier (rtd) Wilson Boinnet, former Intelligence head, Gen (rtd) Lazarus Sumbeiywo, Bishop Silas Yego of the AIC church, and former civil service head Dr Sally Kosgey.

The team inherited from Ngilu includes gemstone dealer Johnstone Muthama and real estate tycoon David Masika of Lloyd Masika.

The team is reinforced by a battery of university professors teaching in the US and enjoying chummy relationship with the Republican Party. The most visible faces in the group are Prof. Phillip Kaloki, a business lecturer at Dallas Baptist University and Prof Cyrus Mutiso.

Apart from their ability to plan and to gather political intelligence, the team inherited from Moi is wealthy and can be counted upon to fund a nationwide campaign for the Mwingi North MP.

Kalonzo is widely believed to be the candidate favoured by the US in this year’s election, thanks to his strong links in the Bush administration. He is the only opposition leader from Kenya who attended the US national prayer breakfast at the White House three weeks ago.

Last year, he was among the few African leaders granted the privilege to address a prestigious Republican Party think tank conclave in Dallus. His link in the Dallas caucus is Prof Kaloki.

Some names in the Musyoka war council

David Masika
He is the proprietor of Llyod Masika, a leading property management firm in the country. An astute businessman and a political player in his own right, Masika owns the Lukenya Guest House where ODM-Kenya was founded. He was so well connected in the Moi administration that at one point, he was appointed managing trustee of the NSSF, a notorious cash-cow during the Kanu era.

He also served as chairman of the National Bank of Kenya, yet another favourite of the long-fingered of the Moi government. In 1999, he had a disgraceful exit from the bank when he was forced to resign with his entire board after the bank recorded a Shs 1.2 billion loss.

Johnstone Muthama
He is best known as the gemstone tycoon. Reputably the richest man in Ukambani after the mysterious John Harun Mwau. Muthama, has previously heavily financed Charity Ngilu’s political adventures-including her 1997 presidential campaign.

In 2002, however, retired president Moi had him shift to Uhuru Kenyatta/Kanu camp only to return back to the Ngilu fold after Kanu lost and Ngilu was appointed cabinet minister. Though he is better known ion the world of jewellery, his business empire extends to real estate, construction and banking. He was a key investor in the controversial Euro bank, closed early in 2004 on allegations of impropriety and unethical business practices.

Daniel Maanzo
The Makueni-born human rights lawyer came to the limelight during last year’s referendum campaign. He was a member of the Orange Campaign Committee on secondment by Kalonzo Musyoka. He runs a private law firm housed at Tumaini House.

Paul Wambua Musili
The maritime law lecturer at the University of Nairobi is also Musyoka’s partner in Musyoka & Wambua advocates. He served as commissioner in the defunct Constitution of Kenya Review Commission (CKRC). He was a key consultant in the ill-fated 2001 merger between Kanu and Raila Odinga’s then NDP party.

Prof. Cyrus Mutiso
Until last year, he worked in the civil service. At one time, he worked at the local chapter of the Transparency International under John Githongo.

A former senior manager with Nation newspapers, the Syracuse University trained political scientist has been a lecturer in Kenya and the US. His development management consultancy controls multi-million shilling contracts in Africa, South Korea and the USA. He won the UN award as consultant for over 500 water dams in thea rid and semi-arid areas (ASALS).

Professor Joseph Maitha
A former director of the Central Bank of Kenya, Professor Maitha is now in the board of the Tiomin Mining Company. He has made a pile of money as an economic consultant with international financial institutions in the US. He is the founder/proprietor of the African Development and Economic Consultants.

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