William Ruto: Just who is this man Ruto?

Born William Kipchirchir Samoei arap Ruto in 1966, the man who wants to be Kenya’s president hails from Sambu village of Kamagut location of Uasin Gishu district.

He began schooling at the Sambut primary school before joining Eldoret’s Wareng Secondary School where he wrote hi ‘O’ level examinations in 1984.

He was admitted to Kapabet Boys High School for his Advanced Level in 1985-86.he was admitted to the University of Nairobi in 1987 for a first degree course in general sciences.

At University, Ruto a staunch African Inland Church (AIC) member was elected the leader of the University Christian Union choir. That gave him the very first opportunity to meet his mentor, retired President Moi, as the choir was occasionally called upon to entertain the Head of State.

Close friends say it was exposure to the glamour of State House in those formative days that inspired the young man to want to be president one day, some day.

While in college, Moi would request Ruto to accompany him in trips overseas. The first such trip was to Indonesia. Ruto talks about it with relish to this day.

On leaving college and having ‘tasted’ proximity to power, there was no turning back even as Ruto was hired as a temporary teacher at first at Sirgoi secondary school and later at Kamagut secondary, both in the North Rift.

He quit teaching and registered a business company in Nairobi ostensibly to use it as a bridge to get where he wanted-in the world of politics and big money. At the same time he found while away as a masters’ degree student at Chiromo while he marked time to get where he wanted.

In early 1990s, he established a company, African Venture Tours and Hotels, which gave him the opportunity to meet his like-minded. They included Cyrus Jirongo, the late Victor Kebenei, Sammy Kogo Boit and Sam Nyamweya. Others were the late Pyman Onyango and Lazarus Amayo. The group finally introduced him to the all important contacts, the Moi siblings Gideon and June. By now he was halfway where he wanted to be.

Come 1992 election, Ruto naturally found himself in the core team that founded the Kanu campaign machine, the Youth for Kanu ’92. The YK ’92 tale about big money, fast riches, and much power is well documented. However, the honeymoon did not last long.

As soon as Kanu was back in power, Ruto and indeed, the entire YK ’92 fraternity were punted to outer edges of power and privilege. But by 1997 election, Ruto & co. had their revenge when they made their debut to parliament as “independents” within Kanu.

Then he teamed up with Kipruto Kirwa of Cherangany constituency, John Sambu of Mosop and Cyrus Jirongo of Lugari to become the thorn-in-the-flesh within Kanu.

But somehow, along the way in year 2000, they changed tune to become chief defenders of their faith.

Ruto was subsequently appointed Assistant Minister for Provincial Administration and Internal Security and made history in being the only assistant minister allowed to attend cabinet meetings.

He quickly eclipsed power broker, Mark Too, and soon became Moi’s point-man in selling Project Uhuru in Rift Valley province. By then he had been promoted to a full minister and posted to the Home Affairs office.

In 2003 Kanu was ousted from power, Ruto stuck with Uhuru and Moi to ward off challenge for Kanu leadership from a faction led by Keiyo South MP, Nicholas Biwott.

The tables turned only when he and Uhuru differed with Moi over Kanu associating with the new kid on the block, ODM-Kenya.

Dan Kipsang

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Anonymous said...

we know about mr.Ruto, politics in eldoret north has been foresee to see former kamagut cllr.mrs priscilah jerop being the only woman that can take over rutto seat, its clearly seen that ruto is playing a major role with his family and friends to enjoy his power.
cherop has been seen in many politics rally and her work has been known many people. its high time that Mr.chesire has decided to step down and help cherop to win 2007 ,the road to parliament , will she succed

Anonymous said...

you are so stupid guy who killed many you have to pay for that.

matthew kiprotich sang said...

kipchirchir chamge bwana your are our hero in kalenjin community keep it up your are the oniy leader that we are going to his steps,so ruto iknow for sure that your are a man so make sure when make decicion so that we succed thank you may our almight king give 400 years to led us .matthew kiprotich sang from bureti district

Anonymous said...

When in Nairobi in the later days of the Moi regime, I used to see Ruto as one of those privileged by his being Kalenjin. He was ambitious. When he joined ODM, he was many people's hope in rallying the Kalenjin into ODM. However, let everyone wait for the revelations of the contents of the envelop now handed over to ICC. Politics is a dirty game. If you don't want to do anything dirty, please don't join active politics. It is better to remain a critic of politics and politicians.

Anonymous said...

Did Ruto organize the Kalenjin to kill? Or what did he do to try to stop the slaughter? Is it the land problem? Do these big guns from Central own hundreds of thousands of acres of land in Rift Valley? What are they going to do with the land in Rift Valley? They did the same to Coast province, to Taita Taveta. People from central province, please stay home and stop your unfair land grabbing.

Bernard said...

Hon. William Ruto,

When nobody dared to speak out on what was happening in KICC, you Spoke out.
When Nobody was willing to take a bullet on our behalf you did it.

God for it Ruto, We are watching your steps.

Anonymous said...

Hon.Ruto is the ODM minister pushing for David Karuri to run for Nairobi Mayor in 2012 Elections. Hon.Ruto and David Karuri are very close friends and both hail from Rift Valley province.

MSNBC Africa said...

David Karuri is a war hero and a great businessman who will be sure to change the Kenyan capital city of Nairobi if elected Mayor in 2012

Anonymous said...

David Karuri for Mayor 2012..... william Ruto will support him to office....we need change and Kalenjin and Kikuyu can both do it together...David Karuri...juu

Exodus said...

aux armes

OCT 6/2009

TO: The Youth of Kenya:
Join the Revolution, Join A.R.M

A.R.M is calling for the immediate resignation of Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga as president and prime minister of Kenya respectively. The Kenyan people stand on the threshold of revolutionary change in the way Kenya is governed. We the people can regain control of our country and our lives. Through our determination and courage we can take power away from a political regime that has placed our lives at risk by corrupt policies with no regard for human life; policies that have triggered mass poverty, and lawlessness

Before a new government takes its place in history, as Revolutionaries, we have a small window of opportunity to send a clear message about the caliber we expect of our leaders in Kenya. With the removal of Kibaki and Odinga oligarchy, we will bring a new government that we will not tolerate corruption and lawlessness.

There are those who will argue that the Kibaki-Odinga government is working. We counter that it is not. In Kenya's oligarchic fantasy, democracy and respect for the rule of law are essentially synonymous with defending the local ruling elite's specific interests. The democratization of the Kenya is not a neutral processes designed to forge a stronger democratic society or fully recognize social, political, and economic rights, or promote the participation of those who have been systemically excluded from politics in Kenya, such as indigenous and rural peoples. Instead, Kenya has been rebuilt on a foundation of permanent corruption. With the shadow of the 2008 civil war playing a major role the culprits of the massacres carried out during the last election are now sacrificial lambs in a wider conspiracy to retain power by the oligarchs any means. Only a revolution will bring about real Democracy in Kenya.

As we watch Kenya sink under the sewer of corruption, I will ask whether we, as a society, can afford the misdirected leadership of the Kibaki-Odinga government in the areas of political governance and poverty elimination, women's rights rights, and human rights . Decisions made today will undoubtedly impact the future of our youth tomorrow. As a society, are we prepared to accept that risk on behalf of our children? I don't think so. A.R.M is the answer.

I summon the youth of Kenya to action, as the commander in chief of Adonai's Revolutionary Movement (A.R.M). We must not slumber and let lawlessness and injustice continue in Kenya. Not only has the Kibaki-Odinga alliance endangered our democracy but it has also exacted vicious vengeance on those who value Real Democracy. Under the Kibaki-Odinga regime, only their interest groups by tribal alliance have been served. Kenya is for all people and not just the oligarchs. Kenya belongs to you.

The overthrow of Kibaki_Odinga government will send a clear message to the perennially corrupt oligarchs and the world that the Kenyan people will not tolerate this kind of corrupt system of government any longer. We at A.R.M have choose to devote our lives to serving the Kenyan people and custodians of good governance. Accordingly, I call on the youths of Kenya to stake their future on A.R.M by joining the revolution and bring in a new bright day in Kenya. The future is ours!

By: Siele Baliach


Commander in chief

Anonymous said...

Hey William;

As i see u talk and discuss great issues affecting our country I wish that God can use you to walk the talk and 4 sure I will support you;just dont get cowed by those who want to speak nice words JSt talk the truth and ignore those frogs along the banks...take water na ukunywe umalize kiu...unoton ooh bwana,,ker tai

gideon said...

Ruto ur the man dont be cowed by those who call you by all sort of names, you have our support and prayers with you. My advices are;

1. Be consistent in your talk and you will win many hearts.
2. Make your personal differences with others private.
3. Put national interests before any other.

ALL the best and God grant you the wisdom to walk through this fire for us.

Arap Kungit

CNN said...

David Karuri a Kenyan/American veteran of the U.S special forces has a lot of political influence in both Kenya and the U.S

Martin said...

David Karuri is a very close friend of William Ruto and i think you will see them both play a big part in the 2012 elections

Anonymous said...

David Karuri is young and comes from a very wealthy family with lots of political influence and since him and William Ruto and best pals....how can he lose??

Sungura said...

William Ruto appears to be far from Honorable. Pipeline, maize and now education -- even in Kenya where there is smoke there is fire.

Anonymous said...

samoei,your vibrant tribulations in your new portfolio is earning you great plusses.our barns are stocked due to what you did in your past job.you are an icon men.I wish u well in your leadership.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Ruto should never be trusted, he is evil hes a thief a murderer a con man a betrayer and a herbalist.just wait and see what he will do to the other members of KKK like Kibaki, Uhuru,and Kalonzo. When he want favor from you he will behave like an orphan who sincerely need food,clothing,shelter and education but once he get all these hes the host and tend to throw you out. Kenyans should not give him a chance to ruin this country.

dyfre said...

william ruto is a man with no vision for this great country of ours. just pause for a moment and ask yourself how can a person who has never made genuine money set good roadmaps and policies for solving the myriad problems that are bedevilling this country? his vision only starts and ends with Amollo. He only makes headlines when he opposes Raila, plunder this country or participates in crimes against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Ruto should never be given a chance in our country. He stole maize n killed innocent kenyans. Umbwa mwitu kavalia ngozi ya kondoo

Anonymous said...

i think this the guys we need in kenya` no need 4 a person of fear uko poa man.nakukubuka sana as aminister 4 education

jack kamu mwangi said...


Winslouse said...

Hon RUTO ,would have a bright political future if one,Hague does not find him guilty of the accusations labelled against him,two if he will detest from chest thumbing politics, and engage into progressive politics rather talking too much about Raila.Leave Raila out of your politics and you will make it.

Anonymous said...

I am from the lake region and I detest violence with the strongest term possible, the 2007 post election violence was justified, the voices of the people is actually the voice of God, Samoei stood for what was right at that time we went to the streets of mombasa to a gitate for what we still believe was a stolen victory,Ruto never called anybody to go to the streets or to take

weso said...

Ruto is a man who knows to stand well.Many view him otherwise since he a kalenjin.The moment we kenyans try to accomodate those we is the moment we liberate this country

Anonymous said...

mr ruto i want to see a beautful campaign side from the rest. plse walk around the whole of Kenya and tell us the evils and cure to our socity. life is becaming difficult for the people of kenya things are going up over nite and KRA is shifting duties day by day ,what are u people in paliement doing about this

Anonymous said...

hi,kudos hon rutto,im maybe the greatest admirer from the coast,dont be cowed and dont let anybody kill your dream. fight for our beloved kenya.

Anonymous said...

He has read alot, he was 1 of the good students in university, he respects his family and he has done alot to many and this alone makes u luck a reason as to why u hv to hate him and call him names, dnt b lied, look for more information because you are very deformed if you are always afta the negative side of the history of mr. Ruto.