The scramble for Kamukunji

Honourable Norman Nyagah must have now realized just how precariously his position in Kamukunji is. The government’s chief whip must have also learned that tough talking does attract and not repel opponents.

He stirred the hornet’s nest when he annoyed his constituents not only because he allowed the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) kitty to accumulate ‘for purposes of doing bigger things’, but by chest thumping that no man can ‘bwogo’ him.

His statements are like those Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile says would make one lose two thousand votes at a time. By the number of times he spoke he could have lost many votes.

Smart and opportunistic politicians watched the unfolding drama on the sidelines. They knew when to strike. First it was SDP-turned-KANU-turned-LDP man Tony Gachoka who made the first plunge to the political ring of Kamukunji. The fellow who lost bitterly to the tycoon of Juja William Kabogo in the last election might not pose a big threat to the incumbent.

Then came the man of miracles Pius Muiru had a revelation Well, his bid suffered an instant blow when the party on whose ticket he wanted to run disowned him. Somehow he managed to re-invent himself and got a straw to lean on in form of a party called Kenya Peoples Party (KPP). Still it is a tall order for the man of maximum miracles to dethrone the son of former King of Embu politics, Jeremiah Nyaga.

The league expanded by the day and started to attract big timers and now there is eminent danger in Nyagah’s political aisle. Prominent and wordy lawyer PLO Lumumba has rolled his sleeves in readiness for battle. Last week he paid a visit to the constituency and mingled with the locals. He announced that the time to red card non-performing leaders has come. So far no one knows what he has achieved especially after being the Secretary of the Constitution Reform Commission and without a constitution to show after several years.

He however was undeterred. He went into a demonstration mode to show what good leaders are supposed to do. With a slather he invaded a nearby bush of grass and with power and enthusiasm of one who really needs to be elected cleared the bush. Perhaps a symbol that when elected Kamukunji will be that clean. And if the kind of vigour and passion he demonstrated in cutting grass is the same way he will handle Kamukunji issues, he may have what it takes. Coupled with his tiring eloquence this is a man who just might cause some ripples in the territory of the younger of the two Nyagah sons in politics.

Finally, comes Jimnah Mbaru, the former Nairobi Stock Exchange Chairman.. With resources and popularity to match, Mbaru might be the man to give Nyagah hot pursuit. In 2002 he lost to Maina Kamanda in the Narc nominations. And guess what, he is not attempting to unseat Maina again. Mbaru must have seen the opportunity come up in Kamukunji as Nyaga made a mess of things.

With miracles, gift of garb and smart money people after his job, Nyaga has reason to have sleepless nights.

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One Response to The scramble for Kamukunji

Anonymous said...

Why is it every article of your poorly written diatribe lacking in research or any substansive evidence attacks the Nyagahs whom are revered in our country?

Just wondering what your real issues are.

Or who it is you work for?