Ruto denies visit as Nairobi Star apologizes

Ruto last Saturday vehemently denied claims by Nairobi Star that he had visited state house. He also denied that any of his companies had been awarded government tenders. He further denied that he had talks with Kibaki emissaries in order to decamp from ODM to Narck Kenya.

He promised to sue Nairobi Star over its Friday paper headline allegations. Nairobi Star admittedly in its first editorial mistake regarding politicians hastily apologized in its Saturday paper and confirmed that the Friday headline was propaganda and had no truth in it.

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One Response to Ruto denies visit as Nairobi Star apologizes

ndung'u said...

sir Ken why huv this talk about Ruto not confirmed,its unethical for a writer to do that, this person who wrote the article on Ruto should quickly be taken to a Journalism class to study media Law and Ethics, He/She turnished the super papers image. Invite me for some lessons to him in 'Media Law'