State hijacks Mudavadi Ombudsman idea

ODM-K presidential aspirant Musalia Mudavadi has lauded the government for anticipating some of his vision policies by implementing his proposal to create office of an Ombudsman.

The former vice president, however, doubted that the government had thought through before hurriedly appointing the committee. He said he hoped the committee was not part of the government ploy to hoodwink Kenyans by stealing ideas from the opposition.

“I launched a realistic vision and I am honoured that the government had found it fitting to appoint a committee at this time. I however do hope that this is not part of the stealing of ideas this government has perfected,” he said.

Mudavadi promises to create the office of the Ombudsman as a guarantee to equal access to justice in his vision entitled, “A Dignified Life for Kenyans”.

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