Who will tame the Kalenjin Warlords?

They are still burning houses and mass murders of their Kikuyu neighbours. Other communities in the rift valley areas where they dominate are starting to be targeted too.

Only yesterday that they raped a pregnant woman? Roadblocks are the order of the day, with drank Kalenjin youths terrorizing motorists and their passengers. Woe unto you if you are a Kikuyu. Can William Ruto be trusted to bring peace in the region as he demonstrates and agitates for justice? Or will he turn a blind eye to the spilt blood of innocent Kenyans? Or will he fuel more violence against the Kikuyus by financing the massacre of innocent Kikuyus who never were at KICC altering form 16As to deny him the phantom prime minister position? Does he and Kosgeys of these world know that their sacred tribal soil is soaking with enemy blood?

In Coast, areas outside Mombasa town, MPs - those who won their seats through the orange democratic movement - are said to be paying their constituents money to eliminate Kikuyus among them and burn their houses and property. The reason being given is that whilst other opposition areas have massacred the enemy, these Coast areas have been silent. Security forces have been alerted.

Oh God of all creation, bless this land and nation
Justice be our shield and defender,
May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty
Plenty be found within our borders

ODM, ODM, ODM? Is this your sense of justice?

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4 Responses to Who will tame the Kalenjin Warlords?

Tony said...

I believe the initial instigator was PNU when they stole the presidential vote.The Kibaki regime holds the power to ensure that dialogue between the warring parties occurs.This madness and unnecessary loss of innocent Kenyan(Luo,Kikuyu,..e.t.c.)must cease.Kibaki as the ilegitimate president and commander in chief is still duty bound to ensure that the sancity of life is held paramount.If we are going to call on the constitution and the national anthem let's keep it real.

Anonymous said...

Minutes of ODM Special Advisory Committee and ODM Cabinet List

Anonymous said...

Toni don't be a fucked up bitch, how does killing and evicting people form their houses have to do with stealing of votes?
Your just a devil's silly kid.

Anonymous said...

Kalenjin's Killing Kikuyu

thats wats up right there blood