News updates - Wednesday 13 Feb

James Kanyotu, a former special branch intelligence chief who was adversely mentioned in the Goldenberg Commission of partnering with Kamlesh Pattni of defrauding the government died at Nairobi Hospital of a long illness. Kanyotu was fired in the early 90s by the then President Moi.

Koffi Annan states that his grand coalition statements yesterday at Parliament was misunderstood by the Kenya Government side. The issue was sorted out this morning during the mediation talks held outside Nairobi.

Annan and his team are rumoured to be holed up at Tsavo National Park.

Nation TV yesterday disclosed the rot and deplorable conditions at Kenyatta National Hospital where patients are unattended, sleeping on the floor, food is served based on the tribe of the patient etc. Kenya does not currently have a Minister of Health, something that has created a gap in Health Ministry operations.

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