ODM issue notice of mass action on Wednesday next week

With the imminent collapse of the mediation talks, ODM has issued notice of mass action on Wednesday next week if PNU does not give in to demands of creation of a powerful premier that will alleviate the suffering of Kenyans.

In the talks, the two groups have principally agreed to the position of prime minister. The departure point is that ODM wants the premier to have power to hire and fire ministers and cannot be fired by the prezo. ODM wants this to be done by parliament through a constitutional amendment. PNU wants the premier to be hired by the president and to act like a chief minister. Possibly all the constitutional amendment to resolve the crisis to pass through a referendum.

In other news, Wangari Maathai the 2004 Nobel Laureate has been threatened through an sms by people claiming to be the Mungiki sect. The crime being that she is opposing the government through her utterances. The group says in the sms that they want her head being the third after Were.

The police commissioner has announced that they have in custody two prime suspects in the murder of the Embakasi MP Melitus Were.

Violence erupted in Mathare last night after a squad believed to be police evicted tenants who occupied houses during the January violence and has refused to pay rent. The tenants were taken to court today while the residents demonstrated and burnt a bus.

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