Martha Karua denies Swiss Visa Ban

The Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs have denied a report carried in today’s Standard that she was denied a visa to visit Switzerland. She clarified that she and her Kenyan delegation were all granted Visas but she opted to stay behind and attend to the higher priority issues of the mediation talks. In a press conference held today afternoon, Ms Karua said that the Permanent Secretary in her ministry traveled and represented her in the delegation.

She further added that she had not applied a visa in her personal capacity to test whether she can be denied a visa by any of the foreign government. She dispelled a widely circulated rumour that she had been sent a letter by the US or UK denying her and her children future travel to the states or the UK. She stated that in the case of receiving such letters she will display them to the press saying that is not an embarrassment to be denied visa to travel to a far flung country especially in winter.

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