Alan E Masakhalia: Attention Hon.Kalonzo

Sir, I begin by thanking you for giving the Kibaki presidency some credibility back then in January. Had you not joined him, it would have been a one province affair – infact it would have been correct to say that 7 provinces had been enslaved by one.

However, some of your statements two months ago left me confused, please put me in the know.

Sir, at a rally in Riftvalley you told the crowds that you were not the only traitor around, you told Kenyans that you are not the only one who betrayed them.

I thus dare ask, do you accept your status as traitor? (now that you call yourself that)

Are you comfortable with that “traitor” status now that you are not the only one?

Sir, all serious political parties do fight for power, and positions in councils and in parliament. Based on this you categorically stated that ODM-Kenya had not been swallowed by PNU. However, come the Embakasi by-election your party denied its candidates the party’s ticket opting to back the PNU candidate. Sure you haven’t been swallowed?

Will the same be replicated in Kamukunji constituency???

Will ODM-Kenya field candidates or will they be shortchanged again so as to please PNU???

Just curious, do you have any plans for Hon.Julia Ojiambo??? After all she got you 235 votes in Funyula another 189 in Butula and 400 in Nambale.

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