Alan E Masakhalia: Power Sharing – am yet to see it

Early this year celebrations & jubilation was witnessed in Six provinces, namely Coast, Western, Nyanza, Rift valley, Nairobi & North Eastern.

This was due to the 50/50 power sharing arrangement that made the ODM an equal partner in government.

Four months down the road, am not too sure – is power really being shared or is the ODM being shortchanged.

First of all, Baba Jimmy remains the head of state as well as the head of government. Then, exactly what is being shared amongst the two principals?

If indeed power is being shared equally, why then do we have the PNU brigade imagining that the vice president is senior to one of the two principals?

I bet the ODM is getting a raw deal. Four months down the road , it is yet to make a single political appointment. For starters when will we have Salim Lone replacing Alfred Mutua?

Any Parastatal or ambassadorial appointments coming?

Just curious, we have a state house & several state lodges spread across the country for Lucy’s convenience - any for the Premier?

Any state lodge reserved for the PM while on tours out of Nairobi?

Now that power sharing is well on course, clarification is necessary.

Even when Lucy goes underground for half a year, she continues to draw huge allowances/pay from the treasury by virtue of being the first lady. What about Ida? Any title? Any hefty allowances?

During Hon.Kipkalya’s funeral in Bomet, (a state funeral – hence a state occasion), I couldn’t help but notice the People’s Prime Minister seated on a plastic seat – is this a hint as to how much power is being shared???

If indeed the ODM wields half of state power, is Kivuitu still in office with its blessings?

Are the “freedom fighters” in Eldoret still behind bars with ODMs blessings?

Four Permanent secretaries (from one region) remain in office despite being well above the retirement age of 55 (infact they are way above 59) - is this going on with ODMs blessings????

Am I the only one feeling that the ODM is indeed a passenger in government?????

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