John Njoroge Michuki appointed Kenya's acting Finance Minister

President Kibaki moved with speed to protect his territory in Kenya's financial circles by appointing his henchman in an acting capacity in the finance ministry. Michuki will also continue holding his previous role of environment minister.

Kenyans have had a love-hate relationship for John Michuki. Michuki is the man who single handedly nearly transformed the Kenyan transport sector and almost broke the notorious cartels that run the industry. His stint as Minister for Internal Security left a lot to be desired. From the infamous Standard raid, mercenaries saga, unexplained Mungiki deaths and the handling of post election violence, Michuki had a tainted rein as a top shot security man.

This appointment critically scatters ODM plans of having some rein on the ministry. Interesting to note that assistant finance minister, Dr Oburu Odinga, the elder brother of Kenya's prime minister, Raila Odinga only appeared once in public during Kimunya's mob prosecution in the grand regency saga. That was during Kimunya's resignation press conference.

Kibaki is keen to recreate his 1970 days when he was Kenya's finance minister. When push comes to shove for Kimunya and the commissions set up to investigate him find him guilty, it is indicative that Michuki will be confirmed as the Finance Minister.

Michuki is a man of action. But he is best suited in the mechanical ministries despite his previous experience in the 70s and 80s financial circles. There are a lot of changes in technology, the global financial and economic environment that Michuki may find hand to deal with. Kenya's finance minister need to have a Kimunya exposure and a technological aptitude of former information minister Mutahi Kagwe.

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