Mutula Kilonzo Nairobi Metropolitan Development Master Plan Takes Shape

Mutula Kilonzo, the ODM Kenya MP for Mbooni and a top Nairobi lawyer, hit the ground running when he was given the Nairobi Metropolitan development Ministry. For a start there was grand talk and visionary dreaming of how Nairobi will be. Then came the aerial inspections and radio talk shows.

Now, Mutula Kilonzo has advertised for consultants to actualize his dreams of a Nairobi Metropolitan. The details can be found on blog.

The Nairobi Metropolitan will swallow the following councils:

1. Municipal Council of Thika
2. Municipal Council of Kiambu
3. Municipal Council of Ruiru
4. Municipal Council of Limuru
5. Municipal Council of Mavoko
6. Municipal Council of Machakos
7. County Council of Kiambu
8. County Council of Thika
9. County Council Ol Kejuado
10. Town Council of Tala-Kangundo
11. Town Council of Kikuyu
12. Town Council of Karuri
13. City Council of Nairobi
14. Town Council of Kajiado
15. County Council of Masaku

The areas covered in the consultancy tender are:

  1. Integrated roads, bus and rail infrastructure for Metropolitan Area;
  2. Efficient Mass Transport System for Nairobi Metropolitan Area;
  3. Replacement of Slums with Affordable Low cost/rental Housing; Provision of adequate Housing;
  4. Development and Enforcement of Planning and Zoning Regulations;
  5. Preparation of Spatial Planning for Metropolitan Area
  6. Efficient Water Supply and Waste Management Infrastructure;
  7. Promotion, Development and Investment in Sufficient Public Utilities, Public Services and World Class Infrastructure for Transforming Nairobi into a Global Competitive City for
  8. Investment and Tourism;
  9. Promotion of Nairobi Metropolitan Area as a Regional and Global Services Centre for Financial, Information and Communication Technology, Health, Education, Business, Tourism and Other Services.
  10. The Development of a Sustainable Funding framework for the Development of Identified Urban and Metropolitan Areas.

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2 Responses to Mutula Kilonzo Nairobi Metropolitan Development Master Plan Takes Shape

Anonymous said...

the metropolitan plan should spare the agricuraturally rich Limuru and its environs to help fight gross food inadequancy facing Kenya.The plan should not solely target the extensive Maasai plains to avoid any sense of bais

Anonymous said...

shit...that will never happen, Kenyan politicians are just too corrupt...they'll just keep the money to themselves!!