The Tobacco Control Act 2007

Following the enactment and implementation of the Tobacco Control Act (2007), there has been confusion in the manner some law enforcement agents have executed their "mandate" on our customers. We would therefore like to advise our customers and business associates as hereunder:-

  1. The Act has not made it illegal for smokers to smoke cigarettes.
  2. The Act has not made it illegal to buy and sell cigarettes, therefore trade in cigarettes is a perfectly legal business activity.
  3. The Act allows smoking in designated smoking areas.
  4. The Act prohibits smoking in public places, and particularly in the following places:
    • Offices and workplaces, including corridors, lounges, eating areas, reception areas, lifts, escalators, foyers, stairwells, toilets, laundries, amenity areas of such places;
    • Court buildings;
    • Factories;
    • Cinema halls, theatre, video houses, such other halls or places of performance, disco halls or any other entertainment facilities at any time during which it is open to the public;
    • Hospitals, clinics and other health institutions;
    • Restaurants, hotels, bars or other eating places;
    • Children's homes;
    • Residential houses and such other premises where children are cared for;
    • Places of worship;
    • Prisons;
    • Police stations and cells;
    • Public service vehicles;
    • Aircrafts, passenger ships, commuter boats, trains, passenger vehicles, ferries
    • or any other public conveyance;
    • Education facilities;
    • Railway stations, airports, air fields, ports, and 'other public transport
    • terminals;
    • Markets, shopping malls and retail and wholesale establishments;
    • Stadium, sports, and recreational facilities;
    • Public buildings.
  5. The Act empowers owners and managers of prohibited smoking areas to provide designated smoking areas within such premises.

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