William Ole Ntimama admits killing 600 people and dares to do it again

William Ole Ntimama, the ODM MP for Narok North constituency was caught by NTV cameramen warmongering. William Ntimama, a Maasai tribe elder, is 78 years old and currently the Minister for National Heritage in the grand coalition government . He has represented Narok North since 1988 on a KANU ticket and only joined opposition in 2002 general elections when he jumped out of KANU during the Raila-led Rainbow Alliance rebellion that formed LDP, a party that had a pre-election coalition agreement with Kibaki-led NAK to form NARC coalition government .

Ntimama is not new in warmongering. He has been named as one of the inciters and organizers of the Enoosupukia ethnic clashes where he warned the Kikuyu's there that theywill be dealt with till they "lie low like an envelope". The recent warmongering happened on Thursday at KICC where prime minister Raila Odinga had convened a forum to discuss evictions from the Mau forest. The footage can be found on the Mwalimu Mati's watchdog Mars Group Kenya website, here.

The Mau forest resolutions included:

  • Evictions by October
  • A Mau Forest Police Unit
  • Fencing off the Mau Forest
As Raila finished and made to go back to his seat, Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto confronted him about the resolutions especially the October deadline. This made Raila to go back to the podium and clarify that the resolutions were not cast in stone.

When Raila sat down, William Ole Ntimama, a Maasai, thinking that Raila had ceded more ground to the Kipsigis caused a scene that led to the now famous admission of ethnic cleansing and a threat that the he can lead the Maasai to deal with the Kipsigis again.

This shows the kind of leaders that we still entertain in Kenya and cast doubt about the current coalition government steering off from the old ways of doing politics and governing the country. Worse still that Ntimama is still a minister and no action has been taken against him by the police, the president, the prime minister or the gawky informal grand opposition in parliament led by Ababu Namwamba and Cyrus Jirongo. No word from the Kenya National Human Rights Commission or the Kenya Civil Society. Is Ntimama untouchable? He should be brought to take responsibility for his warmongering utterances and past ethnic clashes. To start with he should not be a minister, he should be asked to step aside, resigned or sacked. Parliament should censure him.

William Ole Ntimama should be in prison the massacre of 600 innocent Kenyans and for threatening to kill more without remorse!

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3 Responses to William Ole Ntimama admits killing 600 people and dares to do it again

Anonymous said...

Ole ntimama is now an old mzee and needs to be left alone to enjoy his old age in peace. In african society, elders are a respected lot and this one should be no exception.The 'bill' is still capable of carrying out his ministerial duties and should be allowed to stay until the right time comes for him to quit.

Anonymous said...

How Ole Ntimama has managed to be a member of parliament of Narok North for 22 years is a great puzzle that needs to be demistified. Is it that there can not be anyone else who can rule the Maasai?

Anonymous said...

Hon.olentimama shud b left alone coz if narokians trusted him 4 the last 24 yrs, none has the right 2 interfere with narok leadership