Caroline Mutoko on Ababu Namwamba and Raila Odinga

After the Promise

He's not too bad looking, he's eloquent and back in the day when he was an advocate for change and better governance, he could darn near well make you clap your hands and stomp your feet.

Not too long ago his eloquence and wit on the floor of parliament meant he made watching the news worthwhile.

His vibrancy in calling for a grand opposition made some of us think hmmm, he's got a point there, in fact now more than ever, we wish he had had his way. The grand coalition of corruption would not be having such a field day.

I'm talking about Pius Tawfiq Namwamba Ababu. Not only is he the guy who kept referring to Kibaki as the MP from Othaya in early 2008, but he's said to be a public interest attorney specializing in international human rights and constitutional law.

Now you may not know this, but since 2003, Ababu has headed several research projects including a special annual series entitled "After the Promise," which critically evaluated the performance of the government, the opposition party, and the overall political scene in Kenya.

Question? Ababu, after the promise you showed in being the voice of reason, logic and the ability to be a level headed politician, what happened? You barely speak and when you do, it's without passion or even conviction. What gives man?

Whispers abound that you may have dipped your hand in the cookie jar and now they've got you by the short hairs. Say it isn't so. Not After the promise you showed. If any of the whispers are true, how sad it will be.

It was heart-breaking to watch you on TV throwing your weight behind those named in the Waki list to continue to hold office until they are indicted. You? How? As Elton John once said of Norma Jean, "well it seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind."

Here's hoping there's still a flame left inside you that will once again take government to task, after the promise.

Haiya! The Emperor Has No Clothes

So Kibera has booed Raila for a second time and this time with mathaa. I didn't realize how awful his reception was until I commented on his veiled attacked at KTN and someone made it a point to send me an unedited recording of the REAL crowd reception. Gosh! So if Kibera has seen through Raila, what hope is there for the rest of the politicians? This is Raila!

He had a Teflon coating this time last year. No matter what you threw at him, nothing would Stick. He could do no wrong, say no wrong, heck even the international community kept him close. Barely a year later and it's all so different it's hardly believable. If Kibera had not booed and heckled him a second time, I would not have believed it, but I tell you my friends, the Emperor has no clothes.

If this is true, then I'm sad. Sad because there was a time there when I so hoped that Raila would be the change we wanted to see in this country, sad because he could have been a force of change, even from within this grand coalition of thugs. But I'm also mad because I'm wondering if he was playing us all along.

Was he really an agent of change? Which is the real Raila? The guy we see now or the man who campaigned tirelessly and fearlessly in 2007. I'm worried that not only have our eyes been opened, but he has also revealed himself and I don't like what I see. Not one bit.

But if Kibera keeps this up, then Oburu had better watch out. If Raila can't win Langata in the next election, I see him running in Bondo. Oh yes! Much as I hate watching the events that are unfolding before us, I must say it's like watching one of those bad Nigerian soaps with numerous twists and turns, and I can't take my eyes off it. To quote John Michuki, "it will not end well".

And Raila, I know no-one wants to say this loudly, but if an election were to be held this Friday, you'd lose in Langata and you'd lose the Presidential vote as well. I hope you've got a plan to redeem yourself. Leave KTN alone. As they say in Kibera, ni kunoma.

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