Martha Karua Resigns from Kibaki Government

Martha Karua Resigns from Kibaki Government

In a live interview with KTN 9 0'clock prime time news, Martha Karua gave the clearest signal that she is on her way out of Kibaki's confusion government.

She stated that she will give her decision to the public tomorrow, Monday 6th April 2009, a year after furiously defending Kibaki's contentious 2007 election win. From her grand standing in the interview, it is highly expected and guaranteed that she will announce her resignation as the Minister for Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs tomorrow.

She equated her ministrial duties to giving somebody the mandate to dig a farm, giving him/her a jembe/hoe but tying his/her hands behind the back. She reiterated that she need not have a ministerial position to bring reforms to Kenya. She stated that there are anti-reform forces in the office of the president and in the government. She expressed her frustrations with these forces as she sought to bring judicial reforms with the height of the arrogance being the latest appointment of judges by Kibaki without consultation with stakeholders.

She confirmed that she was not party to the Kilanguni circus where there was a standoff between Raila and Kibaki forces over resolving the issues that has stalled the grand coalition. Her name was floated in the coalition management team but she did not take it up.

Martha Karua was an insider to Kibaki's dealing with the 2007 post election saga and if she gets out of the government and decides to "spill the beans" then the coalition government will have a blow of its lifetime.

Unfortunately for her 2012 presidential bid, she will no longer have the convenient platform of the justice ministry and can easily fade into oblivion. She denied any alliances with other parties as had been rumoured that she is now pro-Raila. Within an year her shining morning star in Kenyan politics is growing dimmer and the forces who have fought her for her 2012 presidential declaration will have carried the day by the time she announces her resignation from the grand confusion.

On the other hand, Raila has gone full throttle on an anti-Kibaki crusade as Kenya enters the worst part of its history. Things are bound to get thick and bloody once again.

All this should put Kibaki and his ilk on the notice and as the swahili says, dalili ya mvua ni mawingu. The writing is on the wall and only the wise will act wise.

Only Majimbo can resolve the current stalemate Kenya is in and avert more bloodshed and other ills of tribally divisive politics.

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5 Responses to Martha Karua Resigns from Kibaki Government

Gakenia Thumi said...

why majimbo the solution?

Anonymous said...

Karuas political star will just shine brighter now, she has shown she champions the reform agenda. Kibakis regime is even worse than Mois, Martha has just learned that the hard way, and i hope she continues championing for reforms, to build a better Kenya. Kudos Martha

JengaKenya said...

Martha Karua has more balls than all the president's men and PM's men combined. She is principled and brave. She would not sit on a job she is restrained to perform for perk's sake and wait for 2011 to resign like most in PNU and ODM will do. She has my vote.

xxxlfreddy said...

JengaKenya are you sure Martha's resignation gives her more moral authority on any thing?

Is this the first time Kibaki has made appointments without involving the stakeholders. She was there when other unpopular desitions were made by her principal. Infact she was(still is) THE HARDLINER whose position caused deaths.

Comeon JengaKenya we need to overhaul the entire system and she is part of it.

siRKen said...

Gakenia, see this post I did on Majimbo and why I think it is the solution to Kenya's Problems:

anon, Martha is like a born again robber, she contributed to hoisting the Kibaki government but has now seen the light. Let us see whether she lives to his new found faith

JengaKenya, I partially agree with you. If she was rewarded with a Deputy PM position, may be she will still be stuck with Kibaki

xxlfreddy, will wait and see how far she goes but as you say we have to overhaul our governance system in Kenya for anything to work well around here