Register Mungiki as a Political Party or a Self-help Group aka Chama

The recent murderous events by villagers and Mungiki members in Kirinyaga and Karatina is a sign of how far the political, governance and security structure has deteriorated in Kenya.

Why do we have a police force that is inept, corrupt, lazy, impotent and infiltrated by thugs and murderous gangs? Or a military that freezes at the rumour of a Ugandan brigadier in a tiny one hectare island of Migingo.

Is there no security intelligence in Kenya such that the ordinary mwananchi has more intelligence than the Criminal Investigation Department and other security organs of the state?

Why on earth do we have a commander in chief, security, defense minister and subservient forces whose work is to issue statements at the confines of their strongrooms, who only tour to marvel at Kenyans blood soaking into the soil and whose work is to buy coffins and hire tractors to bury their kinsmen enmasse?

Something is goddamn wrong with Kenya.

Imagine Kenya without a president, prime minister, cabinet and the other lot of crooks in parliament; nothing will significantly change in this country. Kenya will still be annexed by Uganda on the west, Somalia on the East and North Eastern. Our oceanic waters will still be ruled by teenage pirates from Mogadishu who scare the hell out of our much taunted experienced navy. Vigilante groups and murderous gangs will still continue to hunt down each other and display torsoless heads as trophies.

Back to the Mungiki story, the government of Kenya should have registered this group as a political party. At least legally there would have been a code of conduct and legal recourse for their heinic and barbaric acts. There would have been a register of members and officials who can be tracked in case we need some explaining from them.

Political aspirants and presidential projects in Central Kenya would not have a problem having night meetings and proxy transfers of cash to these gangs in preparation for 2012 and would be at liberty to vie for civic, parliamentary and presidential seats in the name of Mungiki. We would know some of these as the wolves they are, rather than foxes in goatskins, preaching peace during the day and beheading their kinsmen at night. For Kenya has an insatiable thirst for human blood.

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3 Responses to Register Mungiki as a Political Party or a Self-help Group aka Chama

Anonymous said...

how on earth can sir maina njenga order the killings in karatina while in jail?

palush said...

Dont be deceived by the Kenyan prison process. Some jailbirds live like kings while in prison with quality food, beddings, clothing, healthcare, telephone, computer, internet and conjugal rights. It depends on your social status, how moneyed you are and whether you "know anybody".

Anonymous said...

Its so serious the way mungiki are doing in our nation fear all over let us rise up and call God. The bible Says in the book of Hosea my people perish because of lack of knowledge. Parent let us take our young sons to church. If the nation move like this central province will be left behind. God have mercy.