Lemuel Mwangi: Insanity of the Political Matrimony

They have big mouths whose words can promise an exodus to heaven if we elect them. They do not care what they say, as long as they can gang another vote. They value their imaginations more than they actions, taking tomorrow like a non-existent future. They trade accusations just to down throw their counterpart. Their retaliations are an atomic bomb in reaction to grenade, making matters no better than they found them. They wouldn’t care to slaughter the last piece of life in at all that will reduce the opposition power. They marry their thought, accuse others and trade accusations for the benefit of their bellies.

They are the politicians.

As the going say, “politics is a dirty game” and I just can’t help doubting the cleanliness of the players. Taking a binocular eye into the genesis of black rule in Kenya, it is ultimate the destiny of the expected good life was cut short by the greed of our politicians. While at the helm, our senior brothers seem to think they are one step closer to heaven than we are. Well, they forget of the bumpy ride to superiority, a journey whose hope of ever seeing the destination lies in the vote of the helpless Kenyan. And leaders forget the pleas they made when that vote mattered.

How right would I be, to rest my blame on the members of the august house. Since they forget that parliament is not a camping site, Kenyans should therefore do the right thing with their votes. While then MPs are recapturing dreams of the previous night, we should be thinking of a mass sacking, one which will see most, if not all, packing out of the seniors domicile. Are they not aware that Kenyans like me are tired of buying Prados for them, while I still can’t afford a load for a bike?

Let me dare say this. “Kenya government leadership is sleeping on its job” if they can still afford smiles while dozens of Kenyans were slaughtered in the government supported Mungiki, why then shouldn’t I say that Kenya is in anarchy. Or what is the use of a security system which oversees murder of the innocent.

While preparing for the next election cycle, I would advise Kenyans to tool their thoughts reasonably when voting. It is time for Kenya to stop electing politicians and instead replace the latter with leaders. That way, the vision 2030 can be brought forth to 2020 or even much earlier. Let beware of the big men who want to marry our thoughts in political matrimony, which in any case makes no sane sense. If there should be any rings exchanged, verbal or material, let it be because the many will benefit rather than the usual singular greediness of the august house.

May GOD bless the Republic of Kenya.

By Lemuel Mwangi

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