Justice Aaron Ringera Re-Appointment at KACC not a Surprise

Kenyans should not throw tantrums when the obvious happens. Mwai Kibaki's modus operandi is now an open book for anyone who cares to observe.

Justice Ringera is no older than Kibaki, if age is in question here. Kenyan gave a thumbs up to Kibaki as president. Surely why would they mind Ringera, a young boy who just teethed the other day.

For performance purposes, Ringera is one of the best performers in Kibaki's eyes. In addition, Ringera is still one of the most academically qualified to run KACC. He has the papers, experience and is "diplomatic" in dealing with "Waheshimiwa". In Kibaki's school days, this was surely "Makerere-bound" talent.

To make such conclusions one has to understand what Kibaki's administration is all about. Seven years into Kibaki's reign, Kenyans should realise that Kibaki's rule is all about sustaining the status quo (Kufuatafuata Nyayo), protecting comrades' wealth, maintaining the dignity of former presidents as well as their scions and dreaming about the 1970s heydays.

If Kenyans are dying of hunger, the president does sympathise. When there is endemic corruption, the president re-appoints Ringera to do what he does best. We all know what that is.

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2 Responses to Justice Aaron Ringera Re-Appointment at KACC not a Surprise

Bwana Sumaku said...

And so, mta do? The laws of Kenya are not worth the paper on which they are printed and Kibaki can choose which to dump and which not to. Parliament should stand firm, LSK go to court and perhaps citizens should start dodging taxes because hata Ringera halipi!
That, in English dear people, is called IMPUNITY.

siRKen said...

Bwana Sumaku, Looks like impunity reigns in Kenya. We have a long way to go before our leaders can be fully accountable to the citizens who put them into those positions