The Star: Audit Kazi Kwa Vijana (KKV) funds to restore public trust

Controversy over the Kazi kwa Vijana fund has raised the hackles of many, especially the youth who are supposed to be the greatest beneficiaries.

Like the Youth Funds, the KKV initiative is supposed to provide the youth with jobs which will keep them out of trouble. It is obvious from the heated exchanges that have erupted in the public domain that the KKV, while a good idea, is being implemented in a very bad way.

There seems to be no rule or dear structure behind its implementation. If the rules are there, the public is unaware of them and hence the growing complaints that some of those who have been paid are not the people who actually worked.

Unless it is checked and streamlined immediately, the KKV, like the Youth Fund, will become yet another mark that the discontented and discouraged youth will notch up against the government.

Instead of waiting until the situation is blown out of proportion by politicians and their interests, the government must immediately establish a transparent, fully accountable system to manage the cash.

For starters, auditing the money spent so far as recommended by youth groups is not a bad idea.

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