The Star: Local Tribunal still Needed in Kenya

An impassioned attempt was made yesterday morning to persuade editors to support the cause of the local tribunal. Civil society leaders and MPs warned that the window of opportunity was closing fast and asked President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to reaffirm their seemingly wavering support for the tribunal.

They're right to push for a local tribunal.

Until recently the public wanted the crimes of post-election violence referred to the International Criminal Court because they believed they were more likely to see justice in The Hague.

But actually justice is more likely to come from a local tribunal in Kenya.

The ICC only has the resources to tackle a few big shots so the majority of wrongdoers will go free. There will be less justice, not more justice, if there is no local tribunal.

And if Kenyans are looking for compensation, the ICC will not be able to help. But a local tribunal will delve into even minor cases and identify who should be compensated, and who should pay.

So let's bring back the Tribunal Bill to Parliament and this time the public should let their MPs know that they support it - with or without Ocampo.

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