Cooperation with ICC:The Sovereignity Balderdash Must Cease - Tome Francis

Perhaps the missile code named Grand Coalition Government (GCG) auto –destructed itself after its much hyped launch. It set out to navigate the judicial path of Post Election Violence (PEV) and implement essential reforms commonly referred to as “agenda four” with more bravado than common sense. Now everything is at a stand still yet the clock is fast ticking. All indications are that we are heading into a Cimmerian darkness. Even though the Grand Coalition Government keeps on reassuring Kenyans that it is committed to fighting impunity, one cannot fail to see impunity`s usual appurtenances. The permanent nature of GCG feebleness keeps on rearing its ugly head ad infinitum. Everyone right from the government functionaries enjoys a carte blanche. And the result is an avalanche of confusion in the GCG`s operations.

That is why Kenya`s foreign affairs Permanent Secretary; Thuita Mwangi easily adopted a very blinkered attitude of the conscientious public and then belligerently arrogated himself the power to pen down balderdash in one of the leading local dailies on the eve of the ICC prosecutor, Luis Moreno Ocampo`s visit in the country. In fact, Thuita only stopped short of declaring Ocampo a persona non grata in this country. This is obviously a case of engaging in a two penny theatrics on issues touching on the heartbeat of the nation.

The two principals on reading the mood of the conscientious public ostensibly castigated Mwangi for the impermissible conduct. However, a day later when the two met the ICC prosecutor, their body language on Ocampo`s demands was anything but different from Thuita`s. Beneath their well coded diplomatic verbiage was a tacit message to Ocampo and by extension the international community that Kenya was a sovereign state able to deal with its own internal problems without external interference. Now this is ad hominem par excellence. Like Thuita the two principals must be told that anybody perceived to be standing in the way of justice is an enemy of public conscience.

Thinking of using a special wing of the high court that reeks with impunity to try suspected perpetrators of PEV is ad nauseum. It will be chimerical. This will be chicanery most foul. It will no doubt be interpreted by the post election victims as an attempt to defenestrate justice and pamper the afreet of impunity. The time for bread and circuses is out. The two principals seem to working at cross purposes with the conscientious public.

We must stop behaving as though we are a people suffering from borderline personality disorder. Parliament made a resounding decision. “Let us not be vague, let us go to Hague”. So be it. Why backpedal and embellish incendiarism? It will be in our best interest as a country if we ceased beguiling ourselves with abrogation talk. Such talks will amount to nothing because ICC has no abandonment option. My exhortation to the President and the Prime Minister is not to allow the country to be held captive by the mumbo-jumbo sovereignty balderdash.

Tome Francis,

Bumula Constituency.

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