Francis Tome: The Powerful Symbolism in Ocampo's Nairobi National Park Tour

Ocampo`s tour to Nairobi National Park accompanied by the Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo who also doubled up as his cicerone; elicited varied reactions from the fourth estate and by extension, the public.

For a moment I too thought that the Government had elected to give sop to Ceberius to secure a nod for the local trial of the Lords of Impunity behind the 2007 Post Election Violence (PEV). I waited with abated breath for the usual theatrics. I am certain that like me there are many others who shared this misgiving. Worry no more.

Belatedly, the reality of his tour to the park hit me like a thunderbolt. How could I have failed to unravel the powerful symbolism in this tour?

You see, Ocampo has spent a good part of his professional life taming individuals who know nothing other than the rule of the jungle. A Busman`s tour to a park where beasts of the jungle are tamed enabled him not only to horn his skills in taming them but also inspired him into buckling his armor in readiness to tame the real Kenyan Lords of the jungle; read the perpetrators of the 2007 horrendous Post Election Violence(PEV).

And sure enough, it was hot on the heels of his tour to the Nairobi National Park that his verbatim and body language caused hemi cranial headaches to many a suspect. He left no doubt that he had his hands firm on the plough. This is after he invoked Article 15 of the Rome Statute seeking ICC`s permission to commence investigations and prosecutions of crimes against humanity committed during PEV in Kenya. What this means is that Kenya`s case is almost certainly hermetically sealed. Sovereignty or not, the country will most certainly kowtow to ICC`s demands for the arrests of these suspects if and when need arises.

As for those who have been trotting from region to region purveying piles of hogwash about ICC`s inability to dispose timely justice, Ocampo has nailed your lies to the counter. Indeed Hague will not be vague. A rude shock awaits you in a jiffy.

Francis Tome
Bumula Constituency

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One Response to Francis Tome: The Powerful Symbolism in Ocampo's Nairobi National Park Tour

Anonymous said...

On the ICC issue. Our leaders never seem to amaze me. On Thursday, only 18Mps turned up in Parliament as they were all dodging the Gitobu Imanyara Debate on the formation of a local tribunal. The Speaker, Kenneth Marende was informed on the lack of quoram and he called of Parliament. The thimg that amazes me most is that the cabinet is going down to the Coast this weekend to 'bond' with each other as our counttry continues to fall apart. shame on u leaders.