The Star: Think long-term on constitution

THE draft constitution was released on Wednesday. There will now be 30 days of public debate before it returns to the Committee of Experts; then to Parliament; to the Attorney General; and finally to a referendum in March next year.

This is a tight schedule for the CoE and the nation to meet but it needs to be done.

Kenya's long-drawn-out political crisis has divided the country, undermined confidence
Wand damaged the economy.

The way to resolve that crisis is to introduce a stronger social order based on a new
constitution, as well as the Agenda Four.

All Kenyans — politicians, religious leaders and the general public — should think long-term when they debate the draft constitution. (We should not think about whom we want to win in 2012.

The big issue will now be the choice between an executive Prime Minister or President, or a hybrid system.

But whatever is decided, Kenya does not need an imperial President or an imperial Prime Minister.

The whole point of the new constitution is that it will restore checks and balances into the political system.

The powers of whoever runs the country in future should be strictly limited by an independent Judiciary and a responsible Parliament.

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