Bishop Margaret Wanjiru admits Starehe poll figures were altered

STAREHE MP Bishop Margaret Wanjiru yesterday con-firmed alterations in figures in the Electoral Commission of Kenya tallying documents forms 16A and 17A.

The alterations were in her favour.

The ECK file containing the altered documents was handed over to Bishop Wanjiru by Justice Kariuki Kihara during the hearing of the election petition filed against her by former Starehe MP Maina Kamanda.

Lawyer Kioko Kilukumi representing Kamanda who was cross-examining Wanjiru had pointed out the alterations.

The documents were shown to Wanjiru and she confirmed that indeed, there were numerous alterations in the tallying documents.

The court heard that the original elections results were concealed by use of white-out and new figures inserted. The alterations were found in almost all the pages of the forms 16A and 17. The other alterations were done by hand where the original figures were rubbed and new ones entered.

Wanjiru testified that she did not know who did the alterations.

Lawyer Kilukumi told Wanjiru that she bribed ECK officials to alter the documents and that she became MP through substitution of election results.

The assistant minister de-nied the allegations levelled against her.

"Your honour my answer to the claim is no," Wanjiru said.

Earlier attempts by Wanjiru to block the viewing and production of a video clip where she had been captured saying that the election process in the constituency was marred by rigging and irregularities' hit a snag when the court disallowed the application.

Justice Kihara ruled that copies of the video clip will be supplied to all the lawyers in the election petition. The video tape was replayed several times in court.

The petition hearing continues.

By John Korir

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