COTU Leadership is part of what ails Kenya: New Order Party of Kenya

Kenyans workers are some of the exploited work forces in the world. World over trade unions are known to fights for good working conditions for their members. However, in Kenya trade unions are perceived by the majority as the tool used by the ruling elites and business class to muzzle and exploit the commoners.

The employers and the government deal with workers with a lot of impunity. The working conditions of majority of the Kenyans are deplorable. This is despite the fact that there exist in the country trade unions, under the Umbrella of COTU (Central Organisation of Trade Unions) and trade unionist. Trade unions cardinal objective is to represent employees’ interest to the employers.

Democratic governance demands that trade unions must be involved in the building of social movements and developing of social changes. Thus a functioning trade union movement can thus be as an indicator of democracy and standards of human rights in any country.

In pre-independent and immediate post independent Kenya, trade unions played a very significant role in the liberation of the country and articulating for the workers plight. But as time went on, they lost their glamour, respect and wit. Today they represent a feeble, disrespected body with no clear policies towards achieving the COTU vision of developing a work force that enjoys a sustainable decent work environment and the COTU mission of promoting the creation of productive and sustainable employment opportunities, facilitate achievement of workers' rights, enhance social protection and provide effective representation to Kenyan workers.

Globalization, revolution in production technologies and new management styles represent some of the key major challenges that trade unionists must overcome in order to remain competitive in Kenya. This calls for revitalization of COTU. The current leadership does not seem to have the answers. COTU as constituted today cannot hack a digital password with a machete. A code is required.

So many Kenyans have lost their body parts through injuries at work, some have been crippled for life and many more are dead. Towards addressing these issues, trade unions have blatantly refused to show leadership.

Protection of Kenyans from local and foreign investors is at best non-existent. Shipping Industry, Mining Industry, Manufacturing Industries, Private Security Companies, Export Processing Zones (EPZ) and Container Freight Services (CFS‘s) are typical examples. COTU has blatantly refused to take leadership.

Improvement of the economic and social conditions of all workers are what Kenyans workers are yearning for. This can only be achieved through democratic governance. Towards pushing for this democratic governance; COTU has been weak and toothless. Fighting for Agenda Item 4 to be acted upon by COTU is suspect. It is not what Kenyan expects of COTU leadership.

COTU is as guilty in the eyes of Kenyan as are Kenyatta, Moi and Kibaki Administrations. COTU is part of what ails Kenya today. Revitalization and resurgence of this vital organisation is paramount as Kenyan workforce need for trade unions can never be replaced.

New Order Party of Kenya (NOPE) salutes the COTU leadership for their service to the nation. We respect them so much that we are telling them that this is their time to go home. NOPE believes that economic freedom will come to Kenya through the Kenyan workforce. This shall be practical only when the rights and privileges of the workers are safeguarded.

The sad truth however, is that majority of Kenyan workforce are skeptical about the role of current trade unions in protecting their rights. Kenya needs a union the can tame, the voracious Black Europeans, White Europeans, Arabs, Indians and some lately some Chinese who believe that Kenya belongs to them.

To end the culture of exploitation of Kenyans by Kenyans and Kenyans by the foreigners in Kenya, CURRENT COTU LEADERSHIP MUST GO HOME. .

Kenya belongs to all Kenyans.

God Bless Kenya

Lawrence Kamau Macharia


New Order Party of Kenya

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