Moving forward to find answers to difficult questions: New Order Party of Kenya

Fellow Kenyans,

Kenya is a very beautiful country endowed with vast resources, diverse and beautiful culture and heritage; smart, talented, dedicated and a loving people.

It has been 45 years since our country became free. Independence to Kenyans meant more than just freedom. It meant economic and democratic prosperity also. Innocent, peaceful and loving Kenyans placed their hopes and aspirations on the hands of the then leadership. They were let down.

Looking at the massive challenges facing the country today in relation to those at our independence; one is only left to wonder where the rain started beating us as a country. Previous and current regimes have condemned majority of Kenyans into bondage of poverty resulting from exploitation of man by man, Kenyan by Kenyans for that matter.

Grand-white-collar corruption has continued unabated since independence and as a result, Kenyan economy is on its knees. No one seems to have any answers to this grand monster.

Insecurity and the news of death from thugs, rustlers, vigilantes, and security forces is the order of day whether one lives in rural or urban Kenya.

Food insecurity is today an accepted face of Kenya. No meaningful policies are in place to alleviate this situation. Core agricultural sectors are not performing.

Unemployment is the biggest employer in Kenya today. The economy does not have the capacity to create jobs and no meaningful economic reform policies are in place to assure revitalization of the economy and job creation.

Public Educational sector is in a fix. No serious reform measures are in place to revive the sector to assure continued public confidence and future prosperity.

Public Health sector is in sorry state. No meaningful Public Health care reforms are in the offing.

Public infrastructures and utilities are either dilapidated, in a sorry state of repair or left to rot despite the much hyped-CDF devolved kitty. No body seems to care as long as their kinsmen are beneficiaries of these funds

Political, constitutional, electoral and legal reforms are not taking shape as expected. The pace is wanting and the commitment on the part of leadership is either missing or insincere.

Environmental degradation has been rife and the effects of draughts, lack of drinking water, drying hydro power dams are there for all to see.

The blot of the 2007 post election violence lingers in all Kenyans minds. No guarantees are in place that that dark period shall never recur again. The current regimes don’t seem to be bothered.

Other messes caused by the current and the previous regimes including land grabbing, political murders, deprivation of basic rights and freedoms and other known specific economic crimes still haunt all Kenyans in one way or the other.

This national situation as it is not sustainable. A decisive ammunition must be devised to deflate the status quo. Kenya must be set free from the enemies of the Kenya. The road is going to be rough and bumpy but with a resolve we shall see the Promised Land.

Kenya’s problems are bigger than any individual and calls for more than mere replacing of the current leadership.

Whining shall not take the country anywhere. Decisive action shall to change the course of our country. A drastic action based on solid values, ideals and moral principles that can stand the test of time. Our values must form the vision of our future as a country.

Kenya needs a strong, concrete and practical leadership that is ready to craft and decisively implement new plans and policies for long-term economic and social development. A leadership with the capacity to make decisions that affects lives, health, welfare, destiny and reputations of millions of Kenya without fear or favour.

A leadership that acknowledges and appreciates that there can never is justice in Kenya without political equality, honest courts and responsible leadership.

New Order Party of Kenya shall do everything possible to make sure that Kenya is not only a prosperous nation, but also a fairer and a safer place for all Kenyans.

We are in Kenya because God wanted us in Kenya. Kenya belongs to all Kenyans.

God Bless Kenya

Lawrence Kamau Macharia


New Order Party of Kenya

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