Kikuyu Tribe and Kenya Politics Today: New Order Party of Kenya

Kenya has 43 tribes and each tribe is very significant. Kikuyu factor in Kenya politics has played significantly both in pre-independence and post independent Kenya. Thus Kikuyu factor can never be ignored in the country’s future talk.

Kikuyu community is one amongst the most blessed communities in Kenya. Kikuyus are very hard working, honest, courageous and principled community. Kikuyus cherish freedom, peace and harmony amongst and within communities.

Since pre-independence, the Kikuyus have co-existed peacefully with many communities in many parts of the country. Unfortunately, Kikuyus are the least understood in the context of Kenyan politics.

Today, thanks to tribal politics, Kikuyus are viewed in the eyes of few hyenas and criminals that have vandalized the country in the name of the community. The 2007 post election violence put to the fore venom harboured by some communities against the Kikuyu community.

Some foolish leaders went even a step further of giving Lesotho and Swaziland analogies in reference of where Kikuyus in Living in Central Kenya should be put. In public Barazas it was common to hear some people casually say that Kikuyus in Rift Valley “wanauawa Kama majibwa”. Prior to 2007 during the skirmishes between the security forces and some vigilantes in Central Kenya, and between the vigilante and the community, it was common to hear some individuals saying “wacha wamalizane wenyewe”.

In 2007 ethnically targeted post election violence, so many Kikuyus lost their lives. So many lost their life times’ possessions. So many children lost their parents and their future. So many Kikuyus’ were incapacitated, disabled and reduced to beggers. So many were humiliated and condemned into the miserable lives of being IDPs. May their souls rest in eternal peace – those that were incinerated in that Kiambaa Church. This must and shall never be allowed to happen again.

Why did these have to die? Who in the Kenya today had a say on where to be born? What is so wrong being a Kikuyu? What is so special about Kikuyus that other communities hate, demonize and victimize them? Is it true the propaganda that Kikuyus are hated by other communities? And why? Should Kikuyus apologize for being Kikuyus?

The naked fact is that Kikuyus are in Kenya because God wanted them to be in Kenya. Kikuyus owes nobody apology for being Kikuyus.

Kikuyus dominate street families in all major towns of this country, no body raises their finger. Kikuyus dominate Commercial Sex Workers in pubs in many parts of this country, no one raises the finger. Kikuyus form a very significant population of all Kenyan jails, no body raises a finger. Kikuyus form the bulk of touts and “manambas” in this country, no body raises a finger. Kikuyus form the bulk of the hawking fraternity and jua - kali artisans. No body raises a finger.

Central Kenya like any other rural setup has many regions without water, electricity even mobile telephone network coverage. Central Kenya languishes from landlessness, falling academic standards, dilapidated infrastructure, insecurity, food shortages and drought just like anywhere else in the country. Central province just like other provinces suffers from environmental degradation, AIDS/HIV, falling health standards and lately even jiggers.

It is therefore not a secret that there is nothing special being from Central Kenya. If somebody is born a Kikuyu….so what?

In 2007, some six bearded individuals crafted some party electoral strategy that aimed at ganging all Kenyans against the Kikuyus. It was a party core campaign strategy. We saw these same individuals agitate for economic sabotage against kikuyu businesses. It could have been worse. It must never be allowed to happen again.

Kenyan must strive for a Kenya where every Kenyan cast their votes to whoever they want to lead them and their verdict respected.

Reality dictates that, what happened in 2007 can and indeed may happen again. Some Kenyans refused to think with their heads. These butchers, rapists, arsonists and murderers are still alive and free. It can and may happen again. That is the truth.

Unfortunately the current Kikuyu leadership is dreamland. They are so much interested in protecting what they have, maximizing on what they can possibly steal and in the process maligning the community – a real catalyst of tribal animosity against the Kikuyus.

The potential leadership is just stale and hypocritical rallying the community to vote for them just because their fathers were national leaders and/or because they are women or they were betrayed by the incumbent. In the current political pool, these pretenders to the throne are outmaneuvered in all by political novices. This clearly shows that the Kikuyu leadership is it currently exists are sterile and impotent and it would be, not only dangerous but extremely foolish for the community to bank on them for future leadership roles.

The Kikuyu community must wean itself of the “Mt Kenya Mafia” in the mainstream political leadership. The community must re-brand it self so that Kenyans shall no longer see the community in the eyes and actions of few criminals who criminals that conduct and engage ruthlessly in politics for private advantage.

In all these aspirations, the path must be that or respect of rule of law and respect other communities based on mutual inter community trust, respect and interests.

There can never be Kenya without the Kikuyus and there can never be Kikuyus without other communities in Kenya.

Kenya does not belong to anybody’s father, mother, grandfather or grand father.

Kenya belongs to all Kenyans and that cannot and will never change.

New Order Party of Kenya! A new Deal for Kenya!


Lawrence Kamau Macharia
New Order Party of Kenya

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10 Responses to Kikuyu Tribe and Kenya Politics Today: New Order Party of Kenya

Anonymous said...

We want feareless and courageous personality like u Lawrence Kamau. Time for Mt Kenya Mafioso is long gone. Kenya belongs to us all

Anonymous said...

As kikuyus it is true we need to re-brand ourselves.However,we need to be careful lest we lose our distinct identity. We need to be proud of who we are because we can never be anything else. The only reason why some of our people are still in the IDP camps is because we cannot identify with them simply because we are wondering what will other tribes say. Negative ethnicity should not make hate ourselves.We need Kikuyu strong leadership that can give the community direction at the time of crisis. It is absolutely wrong to allow our fellow kikuyus to continue suffering in the camps.

JOHN said...

kikuyus are hated by lazy pple who think government provides wealth.wealth is ablessing from god but u must work & pray.govt provides environment for yuo to achieve what u want

Anonymous said...

This is a very bigoted piece and chauvinistic. Dont think other tribes in are silly. The only reason why there has been exponential growth in any business related to a Kikuyu is because of the presidency that favours them. If you noticed,there has to be something not straight about any given Kikuyu wealth. There never misses something wrong or foul in it. Apart from being shrewd there is nothing so special about Kikuyus. They robbed us since indepence,they are homophobic that is why Central Kenya can never have genuine business competition that is all inclusive. They would kill you if you not their tribe apart from killing themselves. Look at the cronism in employment,you would wonder if there arent any qualified Kenyans who can take up those jobs apart from Kikuyu. Wait until tables turn that is when you will realise you are no special than other tribes in Kenya. How do you explain a province like Nyanza being the highest tax remittance yet one of the poorest. The new constitution is so beautiful,coz it has devolution. It wont matter who the president is,every county will get its own development kittys,in essence there will no longer be marginalisation of communities. Thats when reality will knock and you will decide to do away with this unrealistic bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

To those of you who thinks kikuyus are thieves what belongs to you have they ever stolen more than what was stolen by the Moi government?

Anonymous said...

Kenyan politics are to this far tribal politics that thrive on political partisan divisions of tribal communities in Kenya for the elite gain. It is just by chance that 'Kikuyus' happened to be in power during the clashes and the vote outcome disagreements of 2007. Any tribe in Kenya has the potential to do what the Kibaki government did (stealing from the public coffers) and the unending impunity, just like the moi government and J. Kenyatta government. what we really need in Kenya is a political will to follow the Constitution by the various government organs. tribal politics must end!!!culture of nationalism must be created. The ordinary citizens are victims of a corrupted structure of governance and tribal politics. Tribal politics were fueled more in Moi's regime. please stop the stereotypical thinking and focus on the problem: the tribal politics. Danjosh.

Pastor Maina said...

I believe that as Kenyans we need to celebrate our differences rather than being stereotypes. Human beings regardless of their geographical location are corrupt in nature. This is a deep rooted problem due to the fallen nature of man. I believe the remedy is each person needs to examine him/herself in light with God's standard for there to be genuine healing. To the anonymous I would ask him/her to be realistic in life and stop being a fanatic since its God's command that He will bless the fruit of our labours. It is time to look at what we can do as Kenyans for the presidency cannot place food on your table. Lets be real and face real life problems we are facing today. God bless Kenya and may shalom govern our bounders.

evans said...

mr desperate kenyan
it is quite disturbing that most of still live in the era of colonialisim where the white used tactic devide and rule. come on you need to metarmophosise, if one is sincere and is driven by consciese am hundred percent sure that we will live in harmony. to prove myself right if you realy hate your neighbour how comes that all that time you lived in peace until someone comes an says whatever tribe must must face the music the election has been leaged.i pray that one day those puppets on strings to be manipulated by anyone will one day realise how cheap and silly they are regarded by the few rotten leaders that we got.why is it that slums are the affected places and the interiors. futher more you find these leaders chaking hand and the rich estates are peacefull and the rich continues making more monies while the poor and those less chanced continue eating themselves .this goes to you poor people like me let us admit our fate and after that use the energy that we waste killing ourselves to reduce generation gaps and break this cycle of is time we work out tactics to reduce this steep gradient of the rich againist the poor.if we made an army of the poor from every tribe am very sure the rich will board flights and then we will atleast chare this cake farely.

Anonymous said...

I knew this article was written by a Kikuyu before i saw the signature! Reason: only a skewed Kikuyu would refer to the Kikuyus as "honest, courageous and principled community. Kikuyus cherish freedom, peace and harmony amongst and within communities." when even non-Kenyan all around the world say "I hope you are not Kikuyu" before they seal any deals with Kenyans for fear of the conniving cheats that they have come be known to as!! Recently, they have decided to try owning Kenya by malicious strategic marriages to communities they have classified as a threat to them!

Not all Kikuyus fall in this bandwagon but you, Mr Macharia and you so called order, aren't about to fool us Kenyans!

Anonymous said...

Your just like a tulip in a beautiful Garden which just appear n look good for nothing but waiting to wither.Infact by doing this your just looking for ''good'' fame for nothing also letting me know the tribe of the writter before i finish th
e reading