Musalia Mudavadi must step aside over the Shs59M cemetery saga

Even if the way the scandal was exposed is irregular, the fact are that Musalia Mudavadi has been adversely mentioned as a recipient of part of Kshs59m that was stolen from the government due to overpricing of the cemetery land which cannot even be used for the purpose for which it was bought.

As it stands until his name is cleared, Musalia Mudavadi should step aside to pave way for investigation. To quote Raila Odinga, the prime minister it does not mean that by stepping aside Musalia is guilty, that will be known after the investigations are done.

Goldenberg was exposed in an irregular and unprocedural manner, so was angloleasing some of the biggest scams in the story of corruption by government officials in Kenya. Musalia cannot hide behind KACC "irregular" manner of revealing the scandal and that cannot change the fact that the cemetry land saga purchase by the Nairobi City Council which is under local government ministry headed by Musalia was a corrupt deal and huge sums of money ended up corruptly in the hands of government officials, Musalia accused to be one of them.

The prime minister has further said that the war on corruption must be personalised since it involves individuals. Musalia must lead the way and must carry his cross, but for now he must step aside until investigations clear him or incriminate him.

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