Christine Ogutu - Kenyans, we should not go back to "Egypt"

In the colonial period, tyranny was the order of the day. Africans were regarded as inferior. They were left in the reserves and equipped with the inferior skills that could make them work as slaves in the white highlands. These were the darkest days in Africa but we are glad to be here today, very much mature and ready to articulate for our rights and stand by our actions.
In Kenya we fought the war, turned against our brothers and drank all the split blood from the hoods, not because we wanted but the circumstances led us to stray. Our minds were driven by the protagonists against the antagonists. It's amazing how we can turn against our nation in a fraction of a second. That was the past now its time to mend our destiny, a time to make real our fight for justice.

As of yesterday, it was gone with the first republic of Kenya now we are in the second republic and we never want these leaders to manipulate us. We know where we've come from and we know where we are going.

This time around we want justice and not even the threat by our own leaders to pull out of the Rome statute can deter us from reaching our destiny. Sometimes we have to stick to what is real, denouncing the ICC will not change a thing but rather the trials will go ahead as planned. The culprits will still have to face the wrath.

I like the kind of confusion the government is proving to have. Our way to justice has just began and there is no stopping. Let the leaders stop making noise in the moon, nobody will hear them. If it was the poor Kenyans who were indicted they could have said it is OK, they will wish them well but now that it is their friends they want to pull out of ICC. They should subtract 6 from 39 million and the change will be a drip in the ocean.

Kenya is for all of us not the influential. And I guess we never want to go back to Egypt but to proceed to Canaan and thus it is us (KENYANS) against our immoral parliamentarians.

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