Kenyan MPs must pay tax, no way out this time.

This new constitution is proving to be a great thing. It is grinding slowly but surely. In just a month, the judiciary has been revolutionized, a silent revolution. More drastic changes are emerging daily.

Now, out of the blue, and in accordance with the new calm but deep dawn, KRA is demanding that MPs must be compliant and must therefore pay tax. Not just pay tax for their future salaries, but also for the salaries received since the promulgation of the new constitution.

To no avail, we have taken to the streets and shouted ourselves hoarse that our MPigs must pay tax. The day of reckoning has finally come.

The only two MPs who pay tax voluntarily are Kangundo MP, Johnstone Muthama and Gatanga MP and presidential hopeful Peter Kenneth. The rest have to feel the pain that Kenyans feel of paying tax out of meagre resources and have the money misappropriated by tax non-paying MPigs.

Kenneth Marende, Kenyans are watching you. Dare you go against the grain, this time you will not be forgiven. Tax paying is not a philanthropic task!

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One Response to Kenyan MPs must pay tax, no way out this time.

mag atieno said...

i do agree with this post-these Kenyan politicians are behaving badly.

They should pay their taxes