Kenyan Land Alliance - Women are not property but land is property that women can own

As we mark the International Women’s Day, we celebrate the milestone achieved as far as Constitutional Provisions on Women’s land and Property Rights are concerned: Article 27 (3) Women and Men have the right to equal treatment, including the rights to equal opportunities in political, economic and cultural spheres.
Article 60 (1) eliminates gender discrimination in law, customs and practices related to land and property in land. 

We mark this International Women’s day during a historical moment that will define the security of women and and property rights.

In light of Article 68 (c) of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010, Parliament has been tasked with enacting legislation on land. According to the Fifth Schedule in the Constitution of Kenya all legislative pieces on and premised on Article 68 must be completed latest on February 26, 2012.

Consequently, the following land Bills have been drafted and are under review and being critiqued:

1. The land Bill, 2012

2. The National land Commission Bill, 2012

3. The land Registration Bill, 2012

We note with concern the extension of the dates stipulated in the Fifth schedule by 60 days and call upon parliament to speed up the process and ensure that the above bills secure women’s right to property and land based resources.

We also call upon all Kenyans to take advantage of the 60 days period to interrogate the bills and ensure their views are incorporated through memoranda to parliamentary committees for inclusion.

Kenya Land Alliance (KLA)

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