The GEMA Cultural Association (GCA) Limuru II Declaration

The GEMA Cultural Association (GCA), an organisation committed to working towards a united
Kenya by promoting understanding and cooperation among the Kenyan people, convened a
Strategic Leaders Forum on 23rd day of March 2012 at the Jumuiya Conference Centre, Limuru
to explore ways of ensuring the realization of the unity of members, to deliberate on issues
affecting their welfare, and to enhance harmonious co-existence with their brothers and sisters
all over the country.


1. THAT efforts be redoubled to ensure that all remaining Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) are settled without any undue delay, and that this resettlement be concluded by end of June 2012, and reparations be accorded to these unfortunate victims of the Post- Election Violence;

2. RECOGNIZING that there is a real threat to peace and stability if Kenyans are not guaranteed Free, Fair and all-inclusive Elections:

i) We unreservedly express our support for the decision by the Independent Elections and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), as the only constitutionally mandated institution to set 4th March, 2013 as the date of the next general election;

ii) GCA re-affirms its respect for the Rule of Law, including the ICC process, and recognizes the constitutional rights and fundamental freedoms guaranteed to all Kenyans in our Constitution and in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights including the presumption of innocence until one is proven guilty

iii) It is a stated objective of the International Criminal Court (ICC) that it does not wish to interfere with our constitutional right to elect a candidate of our choice, GCA therefore petitions the ICC to reorganise its diary and schedule the trial so that it does not run concurrently with the Kenya’s campaign and election calendar. This will ensure that Kenyans are not deprived of their constitutional right to elect leaders of their choice in free, fair and all-inclusive elections.

iv) In this regard, we petition the ICC through the Government machinery to SCHEDULE trial dates which do not coincide with the Kenya’s electoral calendar in the interest of having peaceful elections. The trial should be done after the forthcoming General Elections.

v) In support of this petition, GCA commits itself to collect over 2 million signatures to support this appeal before the ICC and if necessary, to take this matter before the United Nations General Assembly for adjudication.

3. APPRECIATING the benefit of working in an organized, coordinated and harmonious way, both intra & inter community, the GCA APPOINTS, EMPOWERS AND MANDATES Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta to:

i) offer the GCA community political leadership and to work with all like-minded Kenyans driven by compassion and passion to bring reconciliation, peace, and justice for all Kenyans

ii) to convene a national coalition of other like-minded leaders and political parties from all parts of our country to unite and work together in solidarity AND within the framework of the Political Parties Act, to PROTECT the interests of our community and to SAFEGUARD the future our nation.

iii) It was noted and underlined that the best way to achieve this noble goal is through one political vehicle which shall provide united leadership going into in the forthcoming General Elections.

iv) It was affirmed that the agreed upon political vehicle shall be named within the next 30 days upon consultation with all shades of national political leadership across the country

4. GCA express its GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION to H.E. the President of the Republic of Kenya Hon. Mwai Kibaki for his wisdom and leadership in steering this nation to unfathomable heights and specifically for the enormous progress that has been realised, the revitalisation of our economy, the realisation of a new constitutional dispensation, enviable growth of infrastructure and achieved regional peace security and stability.

i) In this regard, we particularly express SOLIDARITY all our Kenyan sons and daughters in our National Defence Forces currently engaged in safeguarding our borders and ensuring that we have peace and security in the region.

5. GCA salutes the entire community and all Kenyans of good-will, and expresses it gratitude and appreciation to the organisers and all delegates to this the Limuru II Leadership Forum.

6. The meeting resolved to open an account to help in legal fees for the ICC process and to assist the IDPs.

7. The meeting resolved as a matter of urgency to form a committee made up of GCA officials and members of Parliament to steer the implementation of the resolutions.

Bishop Dr Lawi Imathiu
Chairman, GEMA Cultural Association

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