Kenya Political Coalitions lodged with Registrar of Political Parties by COB Tuesday

These were the coalitions lodged with Registrar of Political Parties by COB Tuesday:

1. The National Alliance + Party of National Unity

2. United Republican Party + The National Alliance + United Democratic Forum Party

3. The National Alliance + Conservative Party

4. Wiper Democratic Party – Kenya + Orange Democratic Movement + FORD Kenya

5. Labour Party of Kenya + Mwangaza Party + Agano Party + New Democrats + Peoples Party of Kenya + Progressive Party of Kenya + National Labour Party

6. New Ford Kenya + National Vision Party + KADU Asili + Shirikisho Party of Kenya

7. Party of Action + Kenya National Congress

8. United Democratic Forum Party + Kenya African National Union


- TNA is in THREE different coalitions

- Musalia signed a deal with KANU

- Charity Ngilu's NARC is not part of Raila/ Kalonzo/ Wetangula alliance

Courtesy: Eric Latiff

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