Vincent Awuonda: HIV / AIDS The Rebellious Monster


You, you, you
You are a wonderful person
You are like no one
Here my voice
Here is the Monster
Here I say,
For warriors are scared too
For when it bites,
Silence becomes loneliness
Then you wonder always
‘What if’ and ‘if only’

This Monster that bites and kills
Leaving a new awareness of pain
This Monster came I heard
I then wondered with wonder eyes
It came to fight and consume all
Are you not fearful?
I cry for my Brothers
I cry for my Sisters and
Our parents are not spared too
We are caught in a web of hopelessness
By gone were the bright days
When we talked of the Monster
But it was no threat
But the how many Hospital beds own you
How many widows and widower are confused because of you?
How Many orphans curse you?
We are caught by the jaw of the powerful Monster
So come together for this war
Blame not each other
When you see this Part of reality
Pains and stains. 

By: Vincent O. Awuonda 
Poet, Story Teller and Actor

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