Task Force on Formulation of Community Land and Evictions and Resettlement Bills Public Notice





The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 and Sessional Paper No.3 of 2009 on the National Land Policy (NLP) provide for a new classification of land to be known as “Community Land”. 

Under the Constitution, Community lands are to vest in and be held by communities that are identified on the basis of ethnicity, culture or similar community of interest. The Constitution further directs Parliament to enact legislation to give effect to the creation of community land.

On the other hand, evictions have, for decades, taken place in Kenya, especially in informal settlements in contravention of international human rights standards. Mass evictions have usually involved Government Projects or private developers claiming ownership of land on which some of the settlements stand. Sessional Paper No.3 of 2009 on the National Land Policy requires the Government to establish an appropriate framework for evictions, based on internationally acceptable guidelines.

In order to actualize the above referred to provisions, the Minister for Lands appointed a Task Force to develop the Community Land Bill and the Evictions and Resettlement Bill, via a Special Gazette Notice No. 13557 of 21st September, 2012. 

The Task Force embarked on this task and having finalized preliminary work, is now ready to go out to the Counties to meet members of the public, groups and institutions to : -

  • Obtain input orally or otherwise, for consideration in the preparation of a Community Land Bill and an Evictions and Resettlement Bill
  • Receive any written memoranda and presentations on each of these bills 
  • Receive presentations on any pertinent case studies undertaken on each of these areas
  • Obtain an understanding of the prevailing practices and patterns that should be taken into account in the preparation of each of these bills
  • Familiarize with the extent and geographical locations within which various forms of community land and informal settlements are to be found in the country

This is to notify the public that the Task Force will be holding County Consultation Forums in the Month of February, 2013 at various Counties whose details will be announced later.

This is also to request members of the public to send views, submissions and memorandas to the undersigned.

The Chairperson,
Task Force on Formulation of Community Land and Evictions and Resettlement Bills,
P.O. Box 30450-00100,
Email: coordlrtu@ardhi.go.ke

Those who wish to address the Task Force may make arrangements with the Joint Secretaries, who can be found at the following physical address.

Ministry of Lands Headquarters
Ardhi House, 2nd Floor
Wing “A”, Room 202
Tel. 020-2718050 Ext. 64648

Dorothy N. Angote-Muya, CBS,
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Lands,

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